My Story of Personal Image & Branding Update 2016

I changed when I was travelling and I aimed to change my image and updated my business branding to reflect this ‘revised me’ on my return in 2016.

This development happened as I travelled and returned after my year out ‘finding myself’ (see below*)

I was a year older yes, but I felt younger!  Younger than usual.  Just because our body grows old – ask anyone older – our mind doesn’t!  It gets set in a time in the past when we were us, comfortable or uncomfortable (hence, at times, the need for counselling therapy…) and for me, that’s my 20s.


I remember my mum saying this to me – in my 20s – and it’s always stuck with me!  Now, my daughters pick me up on things I say about how I feel and I tell them how it is for me!

I see younger people and want to join in.  What they see is not what I see in my mind’s eye (and supposedly the mirror, but hey, I don’t!)  This was especially true travelling where it is often believed to be the domain of the 20 somethings…


Coaching for myself and my business when I got back, with my
head in a another place as well as my heart, for a while, 
I found I could incorporate the 'new me' into my updated business and branding!
It hasn't been easy or quick enough, as I believed it would be,
but I'm there now. This can happen with any change in your circumstances.


I changed on my travels – I just let go, got right back to the bare essentials of me – casual outfits that suited the climate alone, no image, no make up (well, in time mascara for special times, as I’m fair), hair cuts when I could…it was good but looking back, I wish I had made more effort in clothes and hair especially.   The natural tan helped my looks (and Manuka honey products at the end, plus drinking lots more water in the heat)

On my return though, as I travelled I was planning – even before I left really – and started to ‘find’ me and create who I wanted to be.  I found too many clothes left at home, and not my ‘new’ style either!   I bought a few key pieces, adapted a few I had, wear only a few pairs of shoes out the many I had (have!) and that is me – a minimal wardrobe I’ve grown used to can really work best!


Having fun, feeling relaxed, finding myself again – or recreating and updating my personal image  to reflect who I had become.  My clothes were different, and even at this stage of my travels, nearing the end and being Mum again after months of being just Julie,  was reflected in my choice of clothes to when I was on my own at times!

I did lose weight with walking more but back here, I’m going to have to manage it more effectively! 

I find myself some days recognising ‘the new me’ – realising I have ‘changed’ somewhat.  I feel different – happier, more relaxed, calmer, and certainly more fulfilled with one major dream under my belt now!


My professional image is friendly (I am!), easy going again, quiet (not always!)
and fun too, as I was reminded!  My business name I wanted to keep but 
with more focus on Life Coaching than counselling, reflecting 
having lived my dream & helping others to live theirs, and build a life
they want step by manageable step, day by day, thought by thought, 
choice by choice...

I feel I have more energy, excitement and commitment to follow through, yet more calmly and confidently now!  I feel better than I have in years – hence I updated my wardrobe and became a younger dresser.   My daughters compliment me on my outfits, others tell me I look younger and some tell me I dress ‘better’.  I do.  I did let myself go, I got into bad and easy habits – loose tops and ‘comfortable’ trousers didn’t help to keep my weight in check; easy black pants and jacket with a different top, now I don’t even wear suits! 

They are no longer ‘me’ but a more relaxed, yet professional look but more individually myself too!   I feel more comfortable in my new image, my updated natural-curly hairstyle which I’ve been taught to create and manage well;  great new products to use and Mac makeup with a lesson changed that.   This arose with my night out with my daughters in Ibiza where I wasn’t going to be ‘allowed’ to go out without make up as I had been doing!  My eldest did my make up and it was amazing!  I was stunned, loved it and felt great!  Someone I knew in my 20s and hadn’t seen until my travels again, said I looked like I did then in my photo!  Some compliment, thirty five years later!

A make-over in Ibiza with Mac make-up caused me to change 
my make up choice and style when I got back to the UK 
after travelling.  Mac fitted in with my 'new self'
 - my change in perspective and needs, my humbling 
and relaxed experiences, my need to 'improve' i.e. personal development!


Divorce, for example, often brings sudden, drastic changes – I call this the ‘pendulum effect’ where you swing from one direction to another …until you settle into a real, steady and more comfortable place you develop for yourself after change takes place!  This is a change of image – no longer a couple, or parent maybe, you change habits, styles and behaviour in an effort to re-create and find who you are again!  And develop who you want to be …


Further Information

What does ‘finding yourself’ really mean?  (*A later post later, inspired when I client cleverly asked what it meant, new to asking to learn and developing herself and her image!)

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