Personal Development to Manage your Stress? Maybe!

How do they apply to each other?

When our personal needs are not being met, we get stressed!

That means both shared needs (Maslow’s Hierarchy of human needs that we need to meet at each successive level) or those that we develop through life experience – things we decide we need or want, those people we want relationships with, recognising our capacity – or lack of it – in specific situations.

Anything we don’t get that we need (perceive or real need – crying baby = food, cleaning, attention) we become ‘stressed’ about – feel threatened, uncomfortable, resentful or even rebellious when our needs are thwarted!

The reason I have gone into coaching and counselling work is to avoid this anxiety by helping you to meeting you needs …once you recognise them, and know what they are so you CAN go out and find them – or create them!

Like building a business around something you feel deeply about and a gap you identify or  develop relationships, learn new skills that fill bridge the gap so you can have a life you love to live!

  • Your basic needs are food and shelter
  • Then value and belonging
  • Then status and development of your Self
  • Self-actualising who and what you are when you explore your potential and set out to reach it!

Desires include things like

  • Representing your status through the latest car or gadget
  • Having a ‘perfect’ partner or lifestyle
  • Having enough money to avail yourself of the foods you love, a nice place to live
  • A family who supports and nurtures you – and you them
  • Skills and qualification to enable you to do the work you love and add value with!
  • Time for fun as well as earning to make this dream a reality!

Personal Development is about you, your life, your choices, your options and your opportunities.

You can only do this – complete yourself and your life, be fulfilled and satisfied, by improving your self-awareness and opening up yourself to what lies beyond you and the familiar, to what might be …

Understanding your options is one thing and a key one …

Understanding your limitations perhaps is another …

and the restrictions around you and within you, or the potential social limitations ‘contemporary’ periods in your life affect those opportunities to be and become!

Stress arises only when your capacity to meet the needs PLACED on you are not possible for you to meet – or you believe/perceive you cannot meet!  Coaching therefore breaks down this knowledge, understanding, awareness and changes your mind-set to change beliefs and perceptions, and changing your mind does in fact change your life!


By changing how you feel about a situation and therefore, having a picture of what is happening or what will be happening and then working towards that – changing your actual behaviour to meet the needs of your lifestyle and your future hopes and dreams!


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