Personal Development for Personal Power

Personal Power – what is it?

It is the collective opportunities that you derive from learning about yourself, about people and their mind-set.

It provides options that you may not otherwise have had, once you know yourself

It is a benefit of self-awareness


The more you know, the more you can change, adapt and flex; the more you can manage your most helpful personal environment – internally and externally.

Knowledge is power – to accept, to change, to understand, to utilise all there is to know about you

A bounce back from self-awareness is more understanding of others, greater tolerance for their quirks and preferences, and empathy for other people’s needs and desires that you might impact more positively once you realise them.


How can you develop it more?

Well, you can start to find our more about yourself

  1. Mindfulness about your thoughts and what you choose to dwell on, hold on to.  Choose positive thoughts and memories, not the negative ones we are drawn to in order to right an historic wrong! (which, of course, is impossible).
  2. Mindful about your body’s responses and reactions to situations you find yourself in – stress and anxiety, love and fear, empathy and avoidance
  3. Understanding more about your choices and reactions – why you do what you do, and what you can and cannot change!
  4. Realising your dreams – your hopes, wishes, desires, options and managing the opportunities that come your way – be ready to take them or even create them!
  5. Know your personality type and tendencies; your NLP predicates for communication and learning styles for example.  Then you can prepare the right tools and environment to take you forward; avoid or manage the hinderances along the way – people, circumstances, obstacles and resource building
  6. Your values, beliefs, expectations and needs – where they come from and do you need them still?  Perhaps not, and if so, then you can change them for something more relevant and helpful to you now!


What will help you to build your own Personal Power?

These are the sort of things that build your personal powerhouse that drives your life – your goals, your options, you insights and outlooks.

Tools and techniques such as for time management, new resources like confidence and awareness, that you can then explain to others and improve relationships, understand yourself and make changes only if YOU choose to.

Ask for tips and hints, feedback and support, to make the changes you want and need – that impact not only on you but those around you too.  So often, it’s in the interests of family, friends and colleagues to help you become a better person, the best version of you and keep striving – as we all do – to become who we are meant to be, who we can be if and when we utilise our mind to create our situation and environment!

You can find your motivators to use more effectively,  your stressors to manage more usefully, and your inspiration and mentors that will support your journey through life and work, through exploring and achieving your potential!