Perfection not necessary!

Christmas is a great, fun and relaxing time of year!   Or is it?

GroomingFor some it is, and will be.  For others, it’s stressful, pressured and a let down because it wasn’t ‘perfect’…

Perfect table, perfect food, perfect behaviour, perfect plans …

It’s a little too much to ask or expect perfection from yourself or others!   So let it go.   “Good enough” is well, good enough!

Just enjoy it.  There are no real crises even if you burn the turkey!   You still have the veg and gravy, your health even for the day, or your friends, family or the strangers you are sharing with!  Some people have none of this because they don’t have that option; others because they forget about it or lose it trying to be perfect.

Be good enough i.e. it works, it’s happening, it’s fun even if crises do happen (and unlikely) but they are memories in the making you can often smile about in the future!Relax at Christmas

Go with the flow, accept help and accept mistakes or problems that you can just let go of.    YOU are in control of the pressures you put on yourself, and project on to others.  I know this!  I’ve been there!

If you want to see someone and they are out or busy elsewhere, just accept it can’t happen by Christmas this year!   Next year and last year might be different and that’s OK!

Please try to be happy, enjoy the build up, the day and after effects too as much as you can.

Even struggling with anxiety or depression, this might be because you are expecting too much of what is, after all, just another Thursday – we are just making more of it because the adverts tell us to!

Self jigsaw stuart miles

This is an opportunity to spend a day with family, if the meal is too much for you to realistically manage – change it or ask for help.  No-one lending that hand?  Then things have to be let go of so you can manage what is manageable for you!

Your state of mind at this time of year needs to be well-managed by each of us – it’s easy to get carried away looking for and trying for perfection in parties, food and drink, outfits and company!