Peaks and Troughs

Peak Moments in life are what makes it worth living!    Reaching your peak in your life, your career, your skills is satisfying and fulfilling.

There are natural peaks we reach in life and then the ebb begins and we never make that standard or level again, and often this is age-related.  Not older people but throughout life we have peak times that we should try to take advantage of perhaps!

For example,

35 is the age at which men are at their loneliest, 9% saying they have no regular friends.

8 is the peak age to learn languages easily, based on our brain having capacity to learn our community language – and others, hence young children are often bi-lingual in mixed marriage parents, or school and home maybe.

20-23 – Female peak attractiveness.  While women wanted partners slightly older than them before they reach 30 and ones slightly younger after, men of every age homed in ruthlessly on the female fertility-max of 20-23!

I read once that men reached their sexual peak at 19 whilst a woman reached hers at 42 …that could explain a lot!

25 is apparently the peak for creativity according to researchers from Stockholm and Paris but this is based on a sequences of coin-tosses on ages 4-91.  I’m not sure that reflects creativity!  And there are so many people over 40 creating – writing books, artists, DJs, pop stars, crafters and more!

38 – Peak contentment.  Now this is a little frightening but again, I don’t think it’s true, do you?  Apparently again based on preference of married or not at the time of the interview and where they said they were happiest.  Now, I do this myself a lot and ask people.  My best age was probably early 40s, whilst I have lived my dreams in my 50s, and others would say 30s whilst many younger people say 20s.  Not something you can really conclude for your own situation until you are in your 80-90s I would say!

44 is the peak for depression – for men nearer to 50 and women nearer to 40 but more reliable than some with 2million surveyed in 2008.  However, for me depression is the result of your circumstances rather than age related but could relate to considering opportunities in the future, and how they might be limited or greater but with restrictions.  Married women having brought up children who leave home may miss that need to be needed, or feel trapped in a life they no longer want, and men age 50 might feel less able or willing to do more, may be retiring.   It may relate to self-image, income changes, job options, life options and goals they no longer have…

So it is very subjective. 

But what are your peaks? Have been and will be?

Try this exercise to highlight the positive experiences in your life, record them and close your eyes to recall them - record them within your mind, your body, your soul!

Peak moments – the moments of flow where you feel or felt invincible, like nothing could go wrong and it all just happened perfectly, effortlessly?  These often do only last for short moment in time!

The peak of your career?  Was it one moment, an event, or a period of years where you reached the pinnacle of success in your role, company or industry maybe?

In your life – home, family, friends, socially?   Hobbies you excelled at and loved; family life was stable and happy; relationships were positive and fun; you had status, influence and liked who you were – who you are?

Financially – when you had money to spare, or could buy/do anything without worrying, when you had your first job and no dependants etc?  Independence from parents, buying your first car or house, the next better one maybe!

Personal development peaks could be anytime – or all the time!  The older you get the more you know through formal learning and training at work, personal studies or experience of life and work, people and relationships.

Self-image – when did you like who you were most? It might be back then or now, it could have been a certain role or physical attributes.   Whatever it is or was, take stock now and learn to like who you are or improve who you are -on your terms of course!

Confidence – when you felt capable of taking on new challenges, felt you could manage even the most demanding of situations or people, and able to learn and adapt to different circumstances no matter what life threw your way?

The best of health – physically fit, mental well-being and emotionally stable with spiritual awareness and trust?

Wow!  Just thinking about my situations raises positive and negatives here but all very interesting! 


So now, what peaks can you aim for in future? 

Make sure you’re ready to savour those unexpected peak experiences that will always come your way, no matter your life, your efforts or circumstances!  We all have them, but do you all appreciate them, record them mentally or physically?  Please do, and learn from them – embody them to recreate the feelings you can use to ‘swish’ across to when you need to; or ‘anchor’ certain set of emotional responses – relaxation, energising, happiness – that you can call on when you need a boost.