Panic attacks – what are they?

saplingMountain or molehill?

The other day the last straw came for a client …

Upset, stressed, fear for the future all came up together.  The culmination of several months of things not working smoothly, not tackling things and turning a blind eye in the hope/expectation that things always stay secure, and then stress from work pressures and not enough resources to meet the need – sudden realisations on top of ongoing stress create panic.   Stress is not being able to meet the demands placed on us – panic the imminent or immediate threat that we can’t meet it and may fail or crumble!

After talking it through carefully, focusing on positives and options and then acknowledging the choices and power you actually have to change things brings renewed hope, a longer term perspective and actually time to breath, think and then act appropriately.

 Jumping the canyon by khunaspix

As ever, the choice we might have may not be the ones we want or be ideal – but they are choices, they are options and we can make the best of things we have to hand.

Calm, proactive – maybe resentful of the pressures we have placed on us, sometimes not by our own actions which is doubly pressured, my client went back, prepared to work, clear mind and a plan of action before more progressive work next week which preceded – a holiday!

See things get better.  Nothing stays good or bad, easy or hard.   The world turns.  We grow, we develop, we learn and we move forward.   Keep going.  Ask for help.   Look for options and make choices – considered and once the stress is over or at least reduced.  Hence the reasoning to ask for help because stress causes mental blocks and emotions take over pushing into action – self preservation, immediate, uncalculated it can be wrong.   Stop, breathe, ask, think, relax and then act!