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GROW your Self-Confidence

GROW is a coaching model but is also a coaching focus – personal growth and development.  Self-Confidence develops from experience that you can manage situations in your life, that you can troubleshoot and find solutions when the need arises (not if, but when!).

Goals that you set yourself and achieve – to build you confidence

Realistic targets and exercises that will boost your experience of feeling and being more confident

Options and opportunities that await you when you confidently engage in meetings, stand on stage or present to groups

Will-power to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself, and remember the reasons you want to become more confident

  1. Speak up, be heard, be understood and accepted, be able to stand your ground in the face of challenge
  2. Have less expectation of ridicule and embarrassment in saying the wrong things or in the wrong way
  3. Trust yourself and overcome the historical doubts that people planted in your childhood head!
  4. Protect and develop that inner child and bring it into confident adult-hood at last

You will be comfortable in speaking up, at peace with being ‘on show’ and confidently share your views and opinions knowing they are valuable and helpful to others too.

Over 2 days or 4 week evenings – transform your confidence …  transform your life!

Price: £120 per person (2 days/6 evenings)

Dates & Venues: Please call or e-mail for details

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