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GROW your Self-Confidence Course

Self-Confidence develops from experience that you can manage situations in your life, that you can troubleshoot and find solutions when the need arises.  Asserting your personal needs at home and work, speaking up for yourself takes confidence, networking with new people, presentations on behalf of your company and asserting your needs require confidence too.

  1. Confidently present ideas at meetings
  2. Feel comfortable sharing conversations and skills at network events
  3. Ask for what you want and need – be heard, accepted, respected for your ideas, needs and opinions
  4. Learn true self-belief and understand your values and choices
  5. Be able to stand up and present to your team or company – even try public speaking
  6. Trust yourself to be able to find new solutions to problems, manage situations you find yourself in

You will be comfortable in speaking out, at peace with being ‘on show’ and confidently share your views and opinions knowing they are valuable and helpful to others too.

Over 2 days or 4 evenings – transform your confidence …  transform your life!

Price: £120 per person (2 days/4 evenings – 12 hour course)

Dates & Venues: Please call or e-mail for details and register your interest for future events here


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