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Personal Development

Two Personal Development workshops to get you where you want to be:

Aim High! is all about setting clear goals and developing your motivating action steps to get you there

GROW your Confidence so you can deal with any situation you need to in life – you know you can!


Dual workshop option:

Do both together! Build confidence whilst setting and achieving goals – for your Self or your business



GROW your Confidence

Register and book, pay by invoice/bank transfer here or from Eventbrite


Share thoughts and ideas in meetings

Speak up for yourself in your relationships

Confidently share information with your presentations to teams or departments

Overcome public speaking fears so if you have to – you can, sharing what you have to offer!

  • Set Goals
  • Make them Realistic
  • Be ready for Opportunities
  • Be Willing and able to take action in any situation!


AIM High!

Register and book, pay by invoice/bank transfer here or from Eventbrite


“Aim for the moon; if you don’t quite make it at least you’ll land amongst the stars”

  • Taking your own  Aspirations and exploring exactly what you want to achieve – your purpose & direction
  • Provide you with  Inspiration – amusing stories, amazing photos, sharing the excitement of experiences
  • Help finding your Motivation = what drives & excites you, gives you butterflies and turns you on, keeps you moving


  •     Workbook to record your dream and hopes
  •    Note the tips, tools and techniques you can use    
  •   Get excited about your future hearing about my past adventures!     Find your own motivation and drivers to make a life you love to live today!   
  •    Explore your mind, and learn how to manage it – and your behaviour
  •  Understand the Law of Attraction
  •  Share your dreams with others
  •  Find accountability within the group
  •  Write down your first few action steps you will take towards living your dream life!


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