Olympian Efforts…

Olympic balls

So have you been making Olympic efforts in your life this year?

I hope so!

Although you may not think you have, perhaps you have done more than you believe… even the athletes have to do slow and steady to win the race!   Like the tortoise and the hare fable, running fast means you might miss key things you pass by – maybe an opportunity, a person who feel snubbed or enjoying the journey and smelling the roses on they way to wherever you are going!

And do you know where you’re going?   Being in too much of a hurry sometimes people miss where they are going, unsure or unfocused on their destination.    Then a lot of wasted time, effort, money, love and self- care has been given to the wrong things in your life!

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up somewhere else” is so important in life and in coaching!

So taking time out, slowing down and looking around you –  or listening, feeling and acknowledging those around you, places, events and situations you find yourself in are worth noting down!

The environment for athletes training and focusing is essential; noise or quiet, distractions or boredom will all play their part in success or just missing their mark.

visionWatching the Tour de France with the airbnb couple I have been staying with whilst settling back into the UK after travelling for a year, showed me the awesome potential some people achieve!   The power, dedication and effort those riders have put in really shows on the road, and their off days too!    Listening to their interviews after race sections shows they are well aware of their game – their flaws, potential, goals and abilities.

Self awareness is key to getting what you want and where you want.  Knowing your flaws or those areas you need to develop show you the steps towards your goal.   Believing your potential and exploring it means you are likely to achieve it, and recognising your personal talents and abilities, as well as your strengths and limitations, means you focus better and use what you have to best effect.   With limitations like strong uphill riding or downhill control means you work well with team-mates who can do the other bits better – and you all win!

And mixed teams too from different countries, backgrounds and sponsor deals means you are inspired or demoralised – so managing that too is important, but only when you realise which and how to work with it!

This is what life coaching does and what sports coaching does – it focuses on strengths and builds on them; it highlights areas for development and directs you to them; it clarifies your goal so you know where you’re going and recognise when you get there …

and when it’s time for that next goal to raise it’s hand too!