New Settlement

Well, I have arrived back in the UK now – struggling with the word ‘home’ – arriving two weeks ago today. Looking out it’s pouring with rain, everywhere seems grey as when I left, and although my first 5-6 days were sunny and warm, that has now returned to ‘normal’ – cold and wet ????.

I found it so difficult to adjust here, as in other places Ive visited this year, even finding myself ‘lost’ in my home town on day two as I couldn’t remember what was over the hill I was walking towards! I found the money different, handing over two pound coins instead of ones, not recognising them at first either!! It was weird.

image image

British beaches and historic streets are not as lovely as abroad, a little grey and dull for me 

I am now deciding where to settle, even short term, getting practicalities underway like the car on the road again, bank cards, services like lenses and health care yet to sort like Dentist and GP.

I am just now transitioning clothes from traveller to UK weather and business style when required, as I cannot actually find many thongs or get to them in my lockup! ????….and cant really remember what I stored, so got new shoes and need a coat so far!

I haven’t yet sorted my new laptop so still work on my small, frustrating iPad but will sort this week, as well as flat hunting, office space and paperwork management, actioning future plans for the business and just found a settled place until I can move in to somewhere.

Happy to be back? Not really but necessary; good to see my girls ho I met in Ibiza on my way back, and other friends and family. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been away…????