Networking for Business

Getting back into gear is not easy after a year away from my business, I have found!    Arriving in the UK left me confused, fuzzy headed and struggling to connect what was once familiar to me – routes, routines, people, places.

Change ahead by mrpuen

Two weeks on I am getting back into it all, both personally and professionally.   I went to Business Introductions networking with Marian last night, meeting some familiar faces and several new ones.    Knowing Marian helped me and I look forward to our catch up outside of networking soon, on my travels and her personal life developments.

I met a new start up HR company and she pointed out I was similar, although knowledge of business running previously, I was starting out again!   And I am.   I do have new plans, new services and soon, new location, but I am deep down still me and still my business!

My business values remain the same – integrity, honesty, genuine care for my clients and people generally, exploring potential and hopefully supporting others to reach theirs (and me too!)

We network every day, not just for business but for life.    We meet new service and product providers, start new jobs or education for our family, new friends, colleagues and their links.    I like meeting new people, learning about them and their lives, beliefs, expectations, achievements and knowledge/skills – and how they got to where they are, and often, why!  I enquire, I converse, I discuss and I am genuinely interested in others.   This time too people were genuinely interested – and they said, inspired – by my travel adventure.   Some sharing the places with memories of their own, others never yet been but keen to hear, and of course, it was fun for me to share and remember too.

Oh, and there was a magician there who stunned us with his (real!) magic tricks with the cards!    He actually changed a card on my hand!  Wow!M & F think and speak Stuart Miles