Moving on …

What to consider when you are moving on – in career, in life, in love…

Consider carefully your dreams, hopes and wishes.   Take opportunities when the come, and be ready for them with pre -planning!    Sometimes those opportunities come disguised …as problems, heartache, loss ….but always changes!

  1. Question MarkWhat do you want?
  2. What do you need?
  3. What can you do?
  4. What will you do?


Ask yourselves 5 questions to dig down and start to plan i.e.  your “project plan” – what needs to happen, make sure your plans and hopes are sound and what your options might be:

1. What – needs to happen?  And why  does it need to happen?

2. When – now or later, short term/long term/this year, next year?

3. Why is this the expected timescale

4. Who – will be affected?   And How?   Why will this affect them, in this way?

5. Where  will it happen.  Where is it/are you going to?

6. How – will all these things happen?

Add these to a table or just as questions on a sheet, and answer them quickly – spontaneously.  You already have some idea – or at least your brain does, even if your conscious self doesn’t yet!

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