More interest for The Social Circle

I have had two enquiries about the new social group – people wanting to engage and meet new people because it’s stimulating, interesting and fun!

Someone else joined the online group, too.

We had a new lady come along on the recent walk*

*25th April, Newbank to Diggle along the canal – meeting the heron and watching a barge take the locks, ice cream and cake at Grandpa Greene’s lodge too!

Face of heronPicture courtesty of Lisa Gee, Pamer & Pose parties and photography

Close up of the local Saddleworth heron.  He was friendly and socialised so much we could walk up next to him and take photos!

Another lady rang for her mum (and herself too maybe) – on her own, fit and healthy, wanting to go out and about and meet new people, develop new friendships and get involved in our events.

Great news!    Number are rising, events will be planned and interests fulfilled!      @SocialCircular