What is the Mind-set of an Entrepreneur?

Take from Nick Scott White (of ‘Don’t put diesel in your Ferrari’ fame), these are the key attitudes and behaviours, the awareness, that business people have who start up their own businesses.

  1. Focus – clear goal, objectives to work to, consistent mental direction
  2. Imagination – re-imagining new ways and ideas to do things in your business
  3. Outcomes from your actions are the aim of each day
  4. Always self-aware – strengths, areas to develop, personal preferences and useful tools, tendencies to manage
  5. Know your business numbers – income, cash flow, budget management, customer numbers and costs for example
  6. Engaging customers every day, in every way!
  7. Constantly curious about the future, people, options and opportunities
  8. Business vision – clear, concise, specific, measurable,
  9. Humbly confident your ideas will work, your team are effective and your yourself are on track to achieve!
  10. Inspire your team to excel – this is key as a leader, manager and team member of your business too!
  11. Discomfort is the norm, it feels comfortable to be uncomfortable  = pushing boundaries, new experiences and more
  12. Collaborate with others – suppliers, clientele, other departments, peers in your industry are example of this
  13. Aware and always switched on – to needs, actions, efforts, outcomes, milestones etc
  14. Make decisions intuitively – because you know your business, your direction, your goals and dreams!
  15. Taking action all the time
  16. Constantly selling and pitching
  17. Wake up ready to communicate- network, pitch, meetings, team discussions, customer queries
  18. A lean work ethic – make every action, decision or thought has meaning and effect
  19. Developing a relevant network of potential customers, potential collaborators, fans who tell people or employees too
  20. Opportunity hungry – always on the look out, an ear to the ground and instincts looking for the next one for you
  21. Working with mentors – finding someone who can advise you, help and support you, answer your questions
  22. The buck stops – with you!   And you are happy that way – responsibility, leadership, focus on the future