Men and Health

Clear Mind Personal Development Coaching

Physical health means mental health – illness is stressful, draining, exhausting, depressing!

  • Over-eating, drinking too much alcohol, lack of exercise
  • Too many competing demands, unrealistic expectations
  • Image and confidence at home or workplace

These are the key points men – and women – take away each day of their lives, especially in today’s western society, and more so eastern societies too.

Alcohol is often associated with men and their problems – a secret way to hide from the issues and anxiety, an easy way to engage with mates and partners when out socially, an acceptable way of how men are ‘seen’?

Over-eating or ignoring the signs of lack of hunger and eating disorders pointing to problems – or lack of awareness.

How many fathers talk to their sons about their problems? How many mums hide dad’s ‘illness’ from the family?  Why?

The same goes on health and well-being physically and mentally, emotionally and stress management for men, women and children of both sexes.But men are often not comfortable opening up and feeling vulnerable, expecting judgement of weakness and failure!

The only failure is failing your Self and not meeting your realistic needs – humanly, emotionally, mentally, physically, practically.

Do you see the lion taking it all on? No just his protecting the pride and his territory.

Do you see the male swan content for life with his mate?  No, it isn’t the same for all species!

Managing the guilt and misunderstanding between ‘natural tendencies and needs’, purpose and intention, and social needs that change with awareness and demands over the decades – its quite confusing to work it out on your own.  So talk, like a human can; communicate in many ways humanly – writing and reading, eye contact and behaviours, actions speak louder than words, listen and hear, watch and learn, talk it over in short stints if not three hour heart to heart chats!