Memorable Networks

Social networking is just that – being social, not just business! That will make you memorable and the people you bond with, make new links with.

I struggle to remember faces and names – I’m a visual/kinaesthetic communicator and learner, so hearing things is not my forte, my strongest point; I need to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ things to remember and process them – so cards are my thing, my reminders (logos, colours, soft touch, rounded edges and the pictures built by names).

I am currently finding ways to remember more as many people remember me (I wonder why!?) and even what we said, exactly when and where. The conversation was probably auditory people, the visuals remember the location and see their picture of us talking, or how I made them feel – Good, I hope!

“People forget what you say, they forget what you did, but they never forget how you made them feel” – so true! Think back to how you felt about the people you remember, it might be a negative reaction to something way back when, a person you bump into unexpectedly or a song that reminds you of a relationship and how that person made you feel with them!

I have devised my own form now to make a note of people – names, business, logo, conversation or relevant notes that mean something to me – I will ‘connect’ them with them this way, after the event – and remember them better next time.
Someone told me they write the key link on the card and that helps them to remember the people they meet and business options offered.

You can find books to store your cards, maybe in sectors (I use my card boxes, with types of businesses together, and related businesses together if possible).

There are formal, digital CRM systems – the app for scanning cards that you can add to over time, and links on social media.
Following people’s social media profiles helps too. Helps you remember, helps you recall when the referral options arise, and remember them next time you meet and updates on their business – and lives sometimes too!

It isn’t just telling people about you but learning about them – about building a connection. About mutual benefit, helping each other, sharing and supporting – about a community.

Please remember that these are things to be avoided as unpleasant and uncomfortable:
1. Overwhelm someone the first or any time you meet them! This will be your last meeting with them as they are likely to avoid you!
2. Hold them in a corner, unable to escape your clutches – boxing them in to hear your sales pitch!
3. Selling to them – networking is not selling unless they ask for more and want to connect as potential suppliers. Remember, even then, it might not be and is an enquiry only – for now.
4. Give them your card, your info, your details – and not ask them for their, not be interested in theirs.
Enjoy it, relax into it, and be part of it – together!