Meet for Motivation

In this Clear Mind Coaching blog post we are looking at Motivation – it  seems to be a big requirement right now!  Having started a new Motivation Meet Ups* group recently I got a lot of members very quickly!   This group has developed into a more social, yet still motivational group and something I wanted to do for a while.  It’s been very motivating for me to meet new people, hear new ideas and do new things as it has for others in  the group.

But now I think there is real need to actual motivating meetings so I’m also starting Meet for Motivation as an additional meet up group with more formal, professional motivation hints and tips for people to achieve their own goals too.


Regular Tuesday Meet for Motivation events late afternoon/after work in Manchester centre and Lees, Saddleworth, Oldham to help you achieve your goals today!

So how will I be able to help you to find the right motivation that will work for you?  So that you can…

  1. Make changes in your career – company, job or promotion
  2. Develop your business – organisation, management & planning
  3. Remove emotional barriers that might be holding you back from exploring or achieving your potential!
  4. Make those plans and follow through until you get there
  5. Decide exactly where you want to go and how to get there
  6. Live your dreams and start taking the steps right now!

The group will meet fortnightly in Manchester and Lees and coming along for a few events at least, we will look at

  • motivation theory and putting it into practice
  • find out what your motivating factors really are
  • create steps you can take towards your goal
  • provide encouragement and support to go for it
  • professional tools and techniques from a qualified coach


*Meet Up groups, are an American idea that has caught on here over the last few years and their website hosts many and varied types of groups from geeky ones to professional business meet up groups, offering all sorts of social and formal events to join in with.  

Some groups are free, others a small outlay for members to cover the hosting costs, and some are free events to join in or some formal events are charged a fee.  It takes all sorts and is a really great resource!