Managing your targets?

Coaching is all about setting goals – and hitting the target.

But that isn’t necessarily the same as targets you have to hit!  They are goals but your organisation or team goals, not yours personally.

You make them personal by accepting the role, but if your heart isn’t in them – or your values to achieving them don’t match your company’s – it won’t really work.

You see, you need your values to drive you to try and to achieve. You enjoy it, you are ‘driven’ and focussed – and internally satisfied and fulfilled – doing the job and loving how you do it!

If how you can achieve the targets set by your company goals i.e. profitability, certain amount of income or sales, then your values have to align with that too.  Perhaps by one of your values being achievement, measuring your success by how many sales you get in, or how much commission you earn.

What drives you are your values – the aspects of your community life that you can’t live without, won’t compromise or sacrifice no matter what – family v work life, efficiency or self-pacing without time-frames maybe, having money or helping people may be your driver, doing your best or doing enough, how much achievement or how influential you have been etc.

Your goals are more specific to your needs, your desires – what you want and how you can get them (action planning).

Your company’s goals are likely sales and profit, are likely how many customers they have helped and how much each sale cost (ROI – return on investment).  Yes, companies do have values themselves and that is often in some way to ‘be the best’ i.e. to achieve sales and attract more customers!

But many businesses have altruistic values underlying those targets – what they provide helps some people achieve their goals and meet their needs in life.

It all comes down to people and values.   Achievement for some means sacrificing people in the company to achieve – for another organisation it may be caring for its people no matter what, and sacrificing some profitability like charities theoretically.

Knowing your own values and asking about those for others in and outside work means you will ‘find your tribe’ at some point.   Values are what drive us to do the work and things we do, or not. Beliefs and expectations are what we think others will do/should be like because we value them!  That’s not always the case is it?  Then our expectations are not met, our ‘needs’ are not met and our values are challenged.

It happens in workplaces.   You value making a difference – and stress at your expense when really, you are stressed due to work-life being unbalanced, and you never see your family!  But inside, your value of achievement and success, using your skills and abilities and ‘helping’ someone or other means you are fulfilling your inner needs – but not seeing enough of your partner or children.

Use your skills & tendencies to be happy, to:

  • Meet your needs.
  • Live to your values.
  • Be fulfilled by your actions.
  • Know you strengths, areas to develop, tendencies and interests, your passions!
  • Work steadily towards your personal goals when you know what they are – and why