Managing Workplace Relationships Well

Workplace relationships can be really helpful, positive and proactive ….or they can be miserable, damaging, even destructive, to people and organisations.

Which one is yours?

As a manager you are responsible for not only yourself but your team too.  That involves a lot of relationships!  You lead your team, you manage the workloads, you relate to people …

  • With each member of your team, whoever and however they are
  • With your manager & theirs – achieve the goals, keep the peace, maintain balance
  • With the customers – directly or not, you influence the customer experience
  • With yourself – working with beliefs, maintaining your values, meeting personal needs
  • With family and friends outside of work – work/life balance, security & engagement

Not an easy task, being in the middle of it all!

Managing upwards …

Yes it can be done!   Pre-empting their needs and providing it ahead of time or on time, with less stress and strain on you!  Helpful and effective workload management, a great image enhancer and stress-less working for you are a few benefits of working this way.  In fact, this was a godsend when I discovered that and how this could be done with my dual roles!

Managing staff teams …

So many people, so many outlooks, so many potential problems!  How do you do it?  One by one, a person at a time, a problem shooting solution at a time …

Supervision is helpful day to day and monthly/6 weekly.  I insisted on mine because it gave me the chance to grow, to highlight achievements and monitor my performance, but also gave my manager a chance to see how things were going without the effort of collating the information!  I did it for each of them.

Managing your customers …

Customers are not just the people buying your services but those you provide a service for internally too, or stakeholders be that funders, shareholders or the teams you support and work alongside.   People forget this ‘customer base’ and these are essential too, to keep in mind – keep happy, informed and engaged with!  You can learn and share, encourage and support, develop and grow together.   Work out who your ‘customers’ are in all their forms and work from there.

Managing relations with other departments …

Important to network, know who is who and what they do; how you can improve your image and support options as and when you need them, to help them too in achieving their goals so together you enhance your image, your effectiveness and overall the company objectives!

You can’t like everyone and everyone cannot like you either.  It’s life.  It’s relationships! But with greater awareness and understanding – making the effort to learn and utilise that knowledge – work life becomes easier and your performance and production multiplies!

How people work – managers, team members in those departments you need things from – printing jobs done, staff you share perhaps but don’t directly manage, knowledge they have that you don’t need to know but need to use!   These are invaluable once you start to develop them and become your best allies in times of need, I know – I remember!