Manage your Stress for Success

 Stress Awareness Week: 14-18th May 2018 is the focus

for the Mental Health Foundation and Mind

It should be yours too


Because there is a lot you can learn to enable you to “Manage your Stress for Success” instead of downfall!

We all have the power to manage our mind and therefore our stress.

We know that our thoughts affect our choices and decisions, our behaviour.

The more you know, the greater your ‘personal power’ to manage and create your own best environment.   We just need the insight, the awareness and understanding of what stress is to be able to better manage it effectively and helpfully for everyone it impacts!

  • You
  • Your partner
  • Your children
  • Your employer
  • Your colleagues
  • Your manager
  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Your sports team

…society, neighbourhoods, communities, authorities, institutes and companies – business in the UK and the NHS is stretched beyond its capacity to cope.

Stress is actually necessary for success and you are the only person who can manage your stress too.

Stress is the fight or flight response – the adrenalin rush and other chemical reactions readying your body for running away (its first recourse for survival) and if that isn’t possible, to stand and fight what is threatening you!  This can be excitement or fear – two sides of the same coin with people pursuing life-threatening activities like car racing, free fall skydiving and more.

We all get GAS

This General Adaptation Syndrome was identified and named by Hans Seyle in 1936 when he recognised that a perceived threat, by our unconscious mind, is responded to in less than a second, and before we are even consciously aware of it!

That can be scary with “I don’t know what’s wrong with me” and “I don’t know where this came from because there’s nothing really stressful at the moment”.

We have forgotten these days our precious and reliable our instincts are!  How necessary they are.   We probably never ‘recognised them’ in the past as cavemen and women, but we did rely on them – and run when our body prompted us to!

Now, we just ‘think logically’ and override what our mind and body tell us.  We don’t trust ourselves.  Instead we trust others – the media, the medics with pills, the ‘experts’ with their own agenda sometimes.

But we all do have it within us to manage stress for success!

Stress is great!

We have an optimum level of stress to drive us

We have positive, exciting and motivation stress that means we keep moving forward

Then we have negative stress that has been with us too long and become overwhelming and damaging for us, for our bodies.

So many people don’t actually recognise they have stress!   Why not?  Because it’s become their ‘norm’, that level of ongoing stress is normal for them and yet, is not effective for them!

It distracts, it distorts and it causes problems.  It’s meant to be a 10 minute burst of energy to escape the threat – sabre tooth tiger, runaway truck, attacker etc.

Not 24/7 chemical release from your unconscious mind creating increased heart rate to pump blood to arms and legs, shallow breathing to take in more oxygen to turn into energy to run or fight, closing down your stomach to avoid distractions of hunger and wasting energy at this crucial moment on digesting food (hence the need for the toilet more, or being afraid to be too far from one!).  Then of course the tension in your muscles – arms, legs, back, neck.

Your body cannot maintain that constant strain!   It needs a break.  And when it becomes too much it takes that break – in the form of depression!   It stops you loving or hating anything from people to food, it wants you to hide in your cave (home, bed) and avoid any additional stress –  walking into a lamp-post, crossing roads with potential hazards, workload or bills etc.   So it stops you.   It takes no prisoners – it simply STOPS everything but survival!   Just enough to eat, minimal sleep to keep you on guard, walking around the house and hunting for food (a quick visit to the shop!)

“Every stress leaves an indelible scar, and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older.” Hans Selye (1907-1982)


“Manage your Stress for Success”

New event in central Manchester (and your workplace if requested) which will include:

  •  A short presentation on the facts and tips
  • A Mini 15-minute therapy treatment included in the ticket from the providers there
  • Networking opportunity for business people attending/with other service providers present
  • Refreshments or more from Grindsmith coffee bar

FIRST EVENT: Thursday 24th May 2018 12.00-2.00 pm at Grindsmith/Rise Auditorium, 231 Deansgate, M3 4EN

and then monthly events.   Introductory ticket price of £20 per person for this launch event.

 HR or CEO, team manager or team member – work or home life pressures, confidence and image, debt or workload management – the problems vary and the solutions are simple if you are prepared to take the action steps.

Book here with Paypal (request invoice/bank transfer details) or on Eventbrite