Mind Management and You

1) Talking /Discussing/Sharing

Talking about yourself in therapy or coaching, or chatting with friends and family, let’s you realise your thoughts, putting it out into reality and the universe to be seen and heard – and acted on!

It allows you to reflect.

2) Reflecting on oneself, on your situation and circumstances, your problems (yes, we ARE good at that one!) and your options for a solution, is a natural way to ‘grow’ your mind.

Reflection is something that can help you gain better understanding of who you are and why, what you want and why/not, and where you are heading!  Many people don’t take the time to reflect on their lives, their circumstances and their options or opportunities.

It will create new neurons and pathways to get to a solution faster!   It can help you to think up ideas you would never do consciously because this ‘letting go and flow’ accesses your sub-conscious mind – the most powerful, influential part – allowing it to open and be useful.  This part of the brain has  a special talent for searching out options and opportunities, it has a knack for finding things you didn’t even know were there, and reminding you of the things you forget when it finds them hidden in the depths of your memory and experience!

(Again, a familiar instance of forgetting the name or address or number of someone that could help your friend or colleague – letting your mind wander and not ‘chasing’ that lead lets your ‘mind’ find the information and pop it in your Inbox to share faster than you expect!)

3) Letting your mind ‘rest’ actually gives it space and time to ‘find’ the answers you need, to resurrect the previously nuggets of information you heard but thought you hadn’t ‘retained’ at least consciously.  But your clever mind did, and now you need it – here it is out of the filing cabinet and in your hand (well, your conscious mind/head anyway!)

    “Be still like a great mountain and flow like a great river” says Lao Tse

and this means we should sit quietly and let our thoughts flow in and out, holding on to some positive ones and ideas that come to us.

Don’t you recognise this ‘flow’ experience?  It’s the one that wakes you up at 4 am or keeps you awake when you should be sleeping for that early train tomorrow!  Lying in bed, quiet, peaceful, all jobs done for the day, tomorrow prepped and ready …and hey presto!  your brain decides to THINK for itself!   NOW?  REALLY?!

Well, it’s flowing and that’s when ideas creep in.  And you forget them by morning or the alarm clock wake up call…

4) Idea?  Take a notebook and pen to bed and jot something down; if your mobile is next to you (???!! no wonder you can’t sleep!) then you can record a phrase reminder.   Or wake your partner and ask them to remind you tomorrow so you can get on and make it happen! (No, please don’t!  This is your stuff not theirs!)

5) Sleep and mobile phones – even if it is on and low, your mind will still be focused on it, waiting for messages, pings of new FB posts, calls that might be urgent or family problems and even “that lift please, dad?”   Turn it off.  Put it aside on charge for the night and enjoy the relaxation of undisturbed brain rest for 7 hours.  It’s necessary.  It helps you, and it helps others too!  Your family for a start so you get them out smart and ready, your colleagues saved from the grumpy corner, and your friends because you can actually make time and energy to see them this week!