How to make a Publisher vision book

This is what I did when I planned and envisioned my dream that I fulfilled in 2015-16, arriving back in June last year.  I am convinced this helped my mind grasp the dream and take the steps, find the opportunity – when I had a moment to decide to go or not!

I am starting another one for my current business goals that I hold on my desktop – easily accessible when I find something I want to add that inspires me and motivates me, or reminds me of my goals, hopes and desires!

These are the simple steps.  You can do a hard copy book, scrapbooking for card makers, or pictures, words and quotes cut out of magazines perhaps in a scrap-book.   It’s your choice – your skills to choose and use, and your dream to build!

  1. Get Publisher or open it if you have it already. it’s useful too for creating marketing newsletters, adverts and flyers, pictures, memes and more so not just for this idea.
  1. Choose the style format for the document – a simple single page to start with is fine, selecting either portrait or landscape for whatever you are most likely to add in there.
For me, it is quotes and memes with backgrounds, so I have actually created the right square one for me, that I can 'fit' these into for 'full pages' because A4 doesn’t work well for me in this aspect!

  1. Choose your title and create the booklet. Insert your text box and type, choose the font, choose the words and make it your very own book!
  2. Start collecting your inserts – pictures that inspire you and remind you what you are aiming to do, quotes that you can decorate or change the font on, memes that you can download from Facebook or Pinterest. Your own work, comments or stories that motivate and inspire your dream – your goals!
  3. To add them into the book, simply Insert and choose Page to add as many as you want – you can keep adding as pages fill up. (For my travel book I had 57 pages)
  4. When you add a new one – remember to look back at the ones you have chosen and inserted already. This is YOUR VISION for your future and to train your mind into seeing it and believing it, looking every day at least once will help your mind to focus on this goal and hence make it happen!
  5. How does it work? You brain starts to believe it is already happening and will ‘spot’ opportunities and information that will help you keep things moving forward – it’s what the mind is for – focusing on meeting your needs, keeping you safe and fulfilled too!
  6. When you read the many memes and quotes online, your mind will nudge to towards them as they are relevant to you, your dream and your life moving forward – so you will pick it up and add it to your ever-growing book!
  7. Make time to read your book, and savour the vision, living the dream in your head, heart and soul – and that way, one day, sooner than you think, you will be actually living your dream!
  8. When it’s complete, and you don’t want to add more – or when you’ve lived your dream and want to keep the memory or how you prepared and achieved your dream – save a copy in PDF too and you can share it online or email to yourself – whatever you need to do!

Keep it alive, keep it simple, share it if you want to but dreams are best held inside until you live them.   It keeps it real for you, can change and grow, and avoid any nay-sayers who doubt you can do it or will actually make it happen for yourself!


Do it. Try it.  Live it!


Vision Book Sample here