Maintaining Perspective

I have just got myself some varifocal glasses along with new distance glasses I need and have used regularly for years.


Picture by Winnond

This is novel – both short/near sighted for reading which I don’t need glasses for really but in conjunction with the long distance I do need, they are quite helpful as I am finding writing this blog.  Watching TV and speaking to people (eye contact, facial expressions etc) as well as looking down to type and read means I no longer have to take off and put on glasses!

Much easier to flex between short term views and longer term views too. 

So how would this work and benefit you?

Opportunity magnifying glass

 This is what it could give you!

Opportunities! Options! Ideas! Insights!

Being able to flexibly dip in and out of your insights and outlook with more knowledge and awareness means you can take that essential ‘step back’ now and then to see if there are other ways to do thing or take a new route to get you where you want to go.

For example, your career or a relationship.

You go into it emotionally based – the need for fulfillment, satisfaction and matching your values and beliefs;

You see what is in front of you – the advertisement for a job or  the friendly, attractive person you find interesting…

You then need to delve deeper into the opportunity or the person – find out more about it to see if it really is what you are looking for and meet your needs.  Do you, in fact, recognise and know what your needs are so you can meet them?  And do you know what options you might have in any given situation?

TIme for reflection Stuart Miles

Perspective can give you new ideas or ways to check things out – is the job in the right area to travel to, or the right salary or working hours maybe.    With a relationship, you would want to maybe look at their past, their interests and their future plans too.

These are different perspectives at the same time – there here and now, what’s in front of you, and the underlying basis of the person or career plans you have and how the pieces fit together.

Short term and long term views and plans; details and overview, image and personality; people and places etc.

Any one aspect offers and needs different perspectives to make your decision effective and informed.