Live the Life you want to Live!

This has become my new business strap line!  More by accident than design, because the original one still stand relevant today

“For a better personal future” and developed into “…and a lifetime of benefits” when I realised that is what coaching offers you!


Spread your wings and fly!

My own photo of an amazingly impressive condor, from Larcomar shopping centre,  in Lima, Peru …

And this latest one has arisen from my own experience of actually living the life I want to live!   I lived my dream of travel, with a solo backpacking year August 2015 to June 2016, and now settling back into real life but still in the UK.   That may change in the future ….watch this space!

And to live the life you want to live is everyone’s dream.  Some people don’t believe, though, that they can have that.  Perhaps on some level, I didn’t either.  But there are times I knew it would happen, just not how or when, but it WOULD happen!

How I got that belief, that expectation if you like, I’m not sure.  Other than the universe being on my side, and pushing me towards it as it did (yes, really, it did!) over several years (soooo many years!)

I know I developed the wish, the hope and then the dream from spending a year in Australia in my 20s, having been too afraid before that to go off and try drastic new experiences, or ones that overwhelmed me!  (And I can remember specific ones!  I may share or have shared some of these before …)

But I had a yearning – a real, physical, palpable yearning inside my central core, that I needed to see these places on TV or magazines for myself, in real life!   I will share in a later post how that happened and drove me on to actually live my dream.   I had family members who had lived theirs, and one quite dramatic and something from an adventure film but when they did it, I was full of wonder at how that must feel!   To live your dream for real?  Wow!  Just Wow!!!!!

So now I have experience of it, and know you can create the life you want – as I have, and am doing now – then it has become my dream for everyone around me, for everyone in the world to at least try for their dreams too!

So, please, go on.  Try for it!   Go ahead and take the steps forward, towards your dreams, the life or the goal you want, and see what happens!

“If you aim for the moon and don’t quite make it right away, keep trying – and at least you will fall amongst the stars!”   


I loved this when I read it and it’s stayed with me

(My own moon picture from Queensland balcony, New Zealand in April 2016 ….)

Maybe this can inspire you to try too, and see what it’s like in space, aiming for the bright, shiny, glowing moon that welcomes deep, dark nights and romantic encounters, or dramatic seas or actual changes that it brings with tides and shellfish openings!   If it influences them, maybe, just maybe, it can influence you positively too!   It works for me …(see yet another future post maybe)