Life Coach Me Please!

Life coaching is still ‘catching on’ in the UK.  It is widely still believed that only CEOs, high ranking management and international business people use coaching or want it.

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This is a fallacy.    Everyone can benefit from it.   If they already know their path, have reached the highest rank they can or want, then why would they need more of it?  Continuing with it, yes, but not only them.

My life would have been different without discovering how life coaching could work for me.  It really did change my life!

My attitude, my beliefs, my perspective and in turn built my options and my confidence in myself and my abilities – and my opportunities!

I was held back by a mistaken belief no one could like me because I had an old scar; that I wasn’t enough, and that I wasn’t ‘good enough’ so I lacked confidence.  I also lacked foresight, therefore, and no-one took the trouble to help me see ahead, look forward and open my arms and my eyes to the possibilities in life!

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That’s what I want to do.  Bring this to the general public, to people like me and people like you!  Make the changes you need to make to become the person you can be!  Sometimes we haven’t even thought about that – we just ‘are’.

Sometimes we believe we have no hope, no choice and no options.

But we have!  Always have, always will have.   We have choices all the time – to be or not be, to do or not do, to choose or stay where we are!

Open your wings and fly!   Don’t hibernate and hide!  Look out from your twig as a caterpillar, but know that one day you will change and grow into a colourful free-to-explore butterfly!

Caterpillar to butterfly