LEGO -“I put together” …my dreams!

I’ve just read this brief article about the Lego story under the heading “The story about LEGO isn’t about playing with toys, but building a dream”

and although it was about how the family of and the inventor himself continued on the journey to produce it and the first wooden toys that preceded it, for me that heading brought back my own dreams that I crated with Lego!

They were in fact, my dreams!   I used to build the same style of bungalow house, with garden and pond, trees etc. and even now as and as I grew up I look at houses and say to myself – “That’s a nice house, it’s my Lego house …”

So yes, it is about building dreams!   Similarly was the Tressy doll I had (I didn’t like my Sindy doll and didn’t have Barbie then, but Tressy was effectively Barbie but with growing hair!) and I would dress her, ‘speak’ for her and create the dreams I had of who I would become.   One was a dog-tooth check skirt suit and it was my favourite.  Being a business woman was all I wanted her to be and even when I first joined the employment line I wanted one to ‘prove’ I made it!  Now, not so much. 

by Idea Go

But yes, our toys are our dreams.  Beware of how you treat someone’s dreams because they are a part of them!  If you dismiss the dreams, then you dismiss them and their emotions, beliefs, values and hopes!  

So take care if someone does decide to share their dream with you.  Take care of your words and beliefs, they can read you, and they can be hurt by you.  I know.  I did it to someone close to me recently but luckily, she has the strength to tell me to stop and show me how she expects me to treat her – or not!

I haven’t shared my own dreams over the years because of fear of ridicule, non-believers and non-supports and even when I was planning my year’s travel, advised not to share until I had it clear, answers to issues and passion that would not waver no matter who said what!  That advice was invaluable to me living my dreams! 

Life isn’t always about being sensible and planning ahead.  Even as a life coach and looking forward, action step plans and reviews on progress, this process still takes account of changes and developments, new opportunities and options and learning that takes place.   Coaching plans are never set in stone, even when we plan the timescales and target dates – I only insist clients tell me because I know they have already mentally prepared this date as a realistic option!  It’s how our mind, our brains, work for us!

So stay open to miracles, stay open to hard work making it happen and being worthwhile!   I miss having my dream and have to devise new ones to keep me going, motivated and moving forward.

If you feel lost or stuck, maybe this is what you are lacking – a dream of your own!

What did you dream of doing/being/becoming when you were a child and playing your games?

“Pretend”  was a popular game I played with my girls because it had been such a big part of my childhood and so important! Yet some of their friends didn’t know how to ‘pretend’ and use their imagination.  Maybe they had to be taught by parents who themselves were not taught, and even in schools the imagination of story-writing, plays, dancing and creative arts.