Just another step … in the right direction

Another step in the development of my business is marketing my and my new life coach profile  on Life Coach Directory.  
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Like all plans some action is needed; like all action, some steps are big and some are small.   How do we know?   Well, often it’s how we feel.  What seems small or even insignificant to one person means the whole world to another!   And if that person is you, that’s all that matters!

In my coaching practice one of the ‘tasks’ or steps, is that we look at achievements for the client.    Sometimes we look together, sometimes they go away and think about it for themselves, but only after this clarification: that it is an achievement to you not needing validation or be confirmed by another, only you.

Not just you, but only you …

Some clients say things like “Well, I passed my driving test”.   One client who said that had worked through self esteem issues with me, had overcome obstacles to become again who she once had been on track to become and this was massive for her!  She had text me when she was taking it for a pep text, and I gave her the encouragement and recognition I could.   She text me when she passed it and I congratulated her too!   I too was excited for her, because I knew what it meant and how far she had come to do it and find the confidence to try again.

Approvals rejections


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Some people would scoff and dismiss it, if they feel their ‘achievements’ are greater.  And for them, they are, and that’s great too.   But don’t scoff at someone’s achievements because as the saying goes you don’t know what it took to get them there  or what battles they fought to manage it.   Just rejoice for them achieving something for themselves, too.

(They may not think your achievements worthy either remember …. it’s all relative – subjective to our values, beliefs and expectations…)

So this is just another step in the right direction for me, following the huge achievement of undertaking my NLP training in May, hence I am profiling on here now.

Take time out to think about your life, your plans, your dreams and goals – the steps it took to get where you are, and if they were big or small ones that made the difference.  You might be surprised.    Then think of the future steps to keep growing, learning, developing or even slowing down and stopping (like retirement).

Steps to motivation

EVERY step along the way is important.  Every step, action, thought, feeling, drive or motivator is important to get you where you’re going.  But make sure you know where it is you’re going as well.  You probably do, but stopping to clarify, to make sure, helps too – it’s just another step along the way …