Is your job safe …from a robot take over?

Is your job safe or will AI and Robots taking over?

This sci fi author,science experts and ‘big business’ bodies are currently discussing the future employment threats of automation and technical advancements to our human lifestyle!

We all love the sci-fi idea of robots and them taking over the world!  It’s fun, far-fetched and …a little unnerving now that it is becoming a reality!  I like Transformer movies, the spy thrillers and the Marvel comic characters with special powers!  It’s fun, it’s make believe.  Or at least it WAS!

Now its more real every day and as I was unexpectedly reading some technical magazines yesterday I found quite a few articles with a common theme – actually, robots will be taking over many of the jobs we know today, the jobs PEOPLE hold today and the world has to start sitting up and taking note, taking ACTION!

This wasn’t just one article form one source, but several magazines with similar articles – all with the same focus of strategies we need to develop now to counteract this, or at the very least manage future lifestyles for PEOPLE – income streams if jobs are no longer available (we are there right now!), how to stimulate mind and body if the work is done my machines, how will we live and control  our lives, our options and our mind-sets – or could they really lose the potential and be drone-like people in the future?!  I think it’s a little daunting, even a little frightening!  Don’t you?

Now, as a person-focussed service provider this is more than a little worrying!  I also see the trends that people don’t have enough self-esteem and confidence that holds them back from exploring their potential and their options in careers and business.  I also see that people don’t actually use the various techniques and tools they could access to develop their options and their minds and skills;  I do, because I love to learn – find out new information, explore ideas and perceptions – understand how people think and feel.   It’s who I am.

But others maybe not that interested in knowing more about themselves and their options, and this will leave us cold as the human race if we rely on robots and automation even more than we do right now!

We WILL lose our minds – “Use it or lose it”, a belief that dementia treatments highlight;

We WILL lose our opportunities to grow, learn, develop new ideas and ‘self-actualise’ i.e. the idea that we strive to ‘find our Self’ through exploring options and opportunities, through trying and achieving, learning from mistakes and mentally growing – developing more and more neuron connections that build our minds and out futures!

The focus will be then, on how we work human alongside robots – robots doing a lot of the routine work (…that take up the majority of people in employment now perhaps?!) and could lead to a ‘technocractic elite’ that lead the world!

So, like 1984 was once a futuristic story – AI and the space films now ARE becoming our reality now!   Not true?  If you read the book, watched the film or at least know the story, Big Brother is watching you was the key point – and here it is with Facebook reading your phone and hearing your calls;  Microsoft know your every move and interest with Windows 10;  there are CCTV cameras everywhere, some you don’t even notice on the street or cafes, some you do like the roads and motorways!  Even Instagram, is it, that can pinpoint your whereabouts every second and SHARE it with whoever wants to know; not to mention the spyware you can put onto any phone if you have hold of it for a few minutes – without them even knowing they are being monitored!

I don’t know about you but I find it quite frightening the power ‘they’ (the they always in films, and unfaced, unnamed group of people ‘in control’) have over me and my life!   I can’t even choose what to see on my Facebook anymore, it’s chosen for me and thrust under my nose! I don’t choose how to display my e-mails that I could only a couple of years ago as the option is no longer there with Windows 10 apps, and I hate it!  It frustrates me that I have lost control – lost my personal power to create and manage my environment, make choices and decisions about what to watch, or read, or see!

I am the generation that has ‘grown up with technology’ – we have evolved together, side by side!   My children are part of the technology and control today, they know no different.  I remember it ‘coming in’ to being, I remember the first machines taking over my jobs, the first time I found the godsend (Freudian slip there?!) that was Word processing as my typing was never easy to complete without that mistake on the last line of my page!  Arrgghhh! I hated it – letting my guard down as the page or report ended, and bam!  A mistake!  I had to type it ALL over again, carbon copies too, and then print by hand!  Word has saved me many hours on corrections and I now even use it to draft ideas, plan as well as produce copy for various platforms!

And No, I’m not actually as old as you think from that!  Technology advancements in the last 50 years have been IMMENSE!

I have literally grown up with it, my generation have – from TVs, through phone to mobiles, to machines that type from speech I only heard of when I was a young secretary in my first roles!  And even then, it bothered me once I realised it was a real possibility!  Back then, I reasoned, though, a machine couldn’t go out and get an anniversary card, speak nicely to my bosses partner or smooth over issues at work that had potential consequences!

But not that’s here.  I could, if I chose, do th at daily on my phone or computer to dial, find, even write what I need!  We have already lost the ability to think for ourselves because the till does it for the shop assistant, the books that talk so we don’t need to read (oh but we do!  We should!) and the calculator that adds and subtracts more than just numbers for us!

I think it’s a sad loss, and will get worse.  I love to develop my mind, explore my options, find new ways to achieve things, and try new tools!  It’s fun, exciting, stimulating – interesting!  The satisfaction of knowing something, putting new ideas into practice, creative thinking and more that my brain is capable of!

“Spidey sensitivity”

Now, too they are looking at ‘spidey senses’ too – really!  I read it in the technical journals that spiders webs are not just prey catchers but information sharing devices, that our body as well as our mind is capable of ‘intelligent decision making’.  Like a seed that germinates and plants itself only when the environment is right – wet, soft and it can dig itself into the ground and grow!  How does it know without a brain?!  Well, we have instincts – the hairs on the back of your neck, the riding a bike and driving that our body remembers, our mind on something else.

What happens when we don’t need to think?  When most people don’t thin, just do the very basics?  Well, then, that is when robots WILL take over the world – because we let them.  And just a few tech-savvy people will have the power they crave – and there won’t be Bond, James Bond or Superman to save us, will there?   We’re handing it over to them already…to the powerful people, the people with money, knowledge – we have always been told that Knowledge is Power.

What do you do with your knowledge, your personal power?!

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