Job Crafting with Rob

I got to meet Rob the other day at Nat West Accelerator hub in Manchester, when he visited from the Newcastle hub.   We have a great chat about our shared interest – people management and mind-set management – and I got to see his presentation for that evening at Media City, offering a little feedback and added value where I could.

‘Job crafting’ is a new phrase to me although the concept is familiar and how I’ve always worked – and allowed my teams to work when I was a manager, so I learned something new too, which is always good for me!

"A simple place to start is to reflect on when you may have job crafted previously (often without realising you have done this). Think about when you have made changes to how you act and interact at work, or actively made time to reflect on the purpose and value of what you do based on your own passions, interests and strengths." 

Example of where I have ‘job crafted’ for myself include:

  • Managing upwards to foresee what my manager needed and rather than waiting for her to realise and ask, I presented her with a fait-accompli that saved me time and effort, and frustrations, and proved my worth too! But it met my value-system of efficiency and creativity that I hadn’t then realised was important to me or part of my secretarial/PA role around that time alongside the team management.
  • Organising my own supervisions that didn’t always happen in a timely manner and weren’t considered important except to me! Preparing my feedback on what I had achieved, what I wanted and needed going forward and the basis of a shorter than usual meeting because I managed it
  • I always did supervision regularly with my team because it’s a two way process of personal development, efficiency and using talents and tendencies in the team, and awareness of potential problems going forward
  • Asking my team what they wanted and providing opportunities to have a go – public speaking, managing projects, creating processes for themselves and their teams etc.
  • Creating systems and process for service-wide application, database development and process management

 What is it and how do you do it?

It’s about making the job your own; including your values, beliefs and practices – your natural NLP ‘preferences’ that gets the task/job done but in your way that makes it purposeful and fulfilling for your personally.


"There are 3 main ways that people tend to job craft:

task crafting - tangibly changing aspects of how we undertake our work including designing, adding or removing tasks
relational crafting - shaping how we relate and engage with others, building and adapting relationship with co-workers
cognitive / perception crafting - reframing how we think about our work-  value & significance it brings to us personally"