Jahari Window yourself!


Have you ever seen or heard of the Jahari Window?  It sections out the four areas you want to look at so you can see more clearly what you need to do now, to improve, enhance or discover what you need to know and focus on.

There are various ways this can be used.

This one is for coaching – which window frame do you think relates to coaching then?  Or learning, teaching, mentoring and training too – about personal development, greater knowledge, wider experience.

They all offer the same but coaching is more personal to you – not a whole training workshop, one size fits all.   Yes, they do have their place and I love workshops – doing them, presenting them!  But it is for a lot of people rather than …just you.


Coaching is ALL FOR YOU!   A recent client loves to come for coaching/counselling because it is all about her.  I love that!   I think she really cherishes herself and it is a treat to concentrate on growing yourself.   Do you agree?  Do you do that for your self?  (if you don,t yet, start now!)

I do.  I have always loved to learn – training on offer at work I jumped at!  I took evening courses for interest after my divorce and to meet new people;  I continued that for 13 years with professional qualifications which proved my skills – but more than that I LEARNED more!

I still continue my personal and professional development willingly, keenly – obsessively even!

So back to the window.

Coaching is the fourth frame – “you don’t know what you don’t know” – and to some extent the third too, next door – “you don’t know what you know…”.  Coaching helps you to find that out – it helps you to increase your personal resources, it increases you personal power and it helps you to explore and discover your purpose and passion, your hopes and dreams – and best of all, how you can make it all happen – FOR YOU!

SSelf jigsaw stuart mileso write yourself a list here and work from there.  Come in for coaching to help you find the missing pieces of your life or your work, your social and leisure hours (again, if they are not hours yet, make them hours!) and create your life, live it how you want to and be happy, fulfilled and driven to achieve your goals …

…once you know what they are of course!



Additional information:

Jarhari Windows are used for SWOT analysis in business (or personally, so another for you there) and Urgent- Important breakdown of workloads.   If you don’t know what these templates are like either, then please find them for download here.