Interview Tips & Techniques for both parties

Two perspectives on this, covered here, for ideas, insights and tips.

  1. Being interviewed
  2. Interviewing

Seeing both sides can often help and that is part of my coaching practice – to encourage looking at a situation from  different perspectives be that negatively to more positively, or person to person in relationships as we often (human beings) only see our own point of view when seeing the ‘other side’ gives us so much more depth and insight that leads to mind-changing attitudes.  In turn these different attitudes change our behaviours – and with more information, often lead to improvements and greater tolerance and understanding of others and ourselves.  So here goes, having been both interviewer and interviewee several times in my career.

As I work mainly with ‘the person’ rather than ‘the organisation’ (even if I work with an organisation it relates directly to the individual people involved)