Interview Checklist

I like lists, do you?  Not everyone does (but I do believe everyone would benefit from using them!)  Usually more creative people dislike the structure and organisation a list gives you.  It’s simple to make sure you have and do everything, so in case this is not for you in making one I have done it for you and will provide others for different areas too in the coming weeks.

Do you really prepare for your interview?  You should because this is one area where you can shine when you do.

As soon as you get the interview date and time, add in to preparing in the days leading up to it and on the day itself!


When advised of the interview


  • Diary in date and time
  • Look up the company background – head office, customers, staff, culture
  • Location – transport mode and directions, timings
  • Think about what to wear
  • Ask around about the people, the company, the work and brand etc
  • Pre-empt questions and answers they want
  • Start preparing now your portfolio of evidence, your up to date CV, bulleted points for qualifications, skills, experience, employment, achievements, strengths and areas for developments (not weaknesses!)


The day before


  • Outfit clean and pressed, thread free, matching
  • Shoes clean and comfortable, or extras to carry e.g. rain, snow
  • Coat & layer for cool and warmth
  • Alarm working
  • Three questions to ask – interest, facts to confirm, people
  • Know your CV details

On the day


  • Get up with alarm!
  • Eat breakfast
  • Take water and mints
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • CV copies x 2, portfolio, business cards, Bullet lists
  • 3 questions to ask
  • Notepad and pen
  • Extras – stockings, lipstick, wet ones, tissues, bags etc
  • No perfume and remove piercings, hide tattoos except normal ones
  • Check you look good head to toe
  • Use the loo before leaving! And on arrival – check mirror too!
  • Snack perhaps
  • Check your CV