What does inspiration feel like?


When you feel newly inspired by something or someone – usually both! – then you are lifted – mind, body and soul!

Your mind can run amok with ideas, you can let go not reign in those ideas and creativity that often go hand in hand with boredom, self-limiting beliefs and second guessing yourself.  Fulfilling its inherent role of progressing your ‘self-actualisation’ – becoming your “best self” if you like.

You feel energised, more active, outgoing and friendly, smiling – engaging in fact!

Your soul soars because you have found your wings, your soul (whole spiritual self) is happy and satisfied as you fulfil your purpose of developing to someone more than you were yesterday, than you are today …

That is human nature, who we are and what we do.   To grow.  To learn. To innovate, create and invent – to develop.

How do you find it?

Just look around you, it’s everywhere.   It isn’t all the same things to all people, but yours is there if you look for it, listen for the hints and recognise the feelings of excitement or piqued interest!

It might be a book, a conversation, a situation or an event that excites and ignites your passion.

You are inspired and probably also inspiring if you let loose that passion too!

Let the ripples flow to you and from you.  Be the change you and I want in the world by sharing interest, knowledge, passion and inspiration!

The greatest minds couldn’t hold themselves back and neither should you! 

When you get the opportunity – don’t push it away!   Keep hold of it and nourish it, gently perhaps, open up the ideas one by one and develop them, then then next layer and the next!

This is innovation – step by step; this is progress – step by manageable step; this is you developing yourself – heart and mind, body and soul – step by step.

Be open every day, all day, to inspiration around you.   Listen to ideas in meetings, watch your children learn, see what is out there in the world and cherish those ideas that excite and inspire your imagination, stimulate your emotions and start a positive, exciting train of thought

Now,  what will you do with them?

Please put them on display, not back in the box or the back of your mind! 

Use them, embrace them, share them and open up possibilities not only for you but for others too!   That might not be the world but it could be your children’s perception of the world and their options (they model what they see and hear – you!), or your workplace or social group, a sports team or ramblers group! 

Whatever they are – take the ideas and grow them, share them and develop them with others and enjoy that excitement, stimulation and satisfaction that comes from a job well done …take to fruition – whatever that might be …