Influencing your future

The online resources being introduced by Clear Mind in November 2017 can help you to have greater influence and impact on your future, on relationships here and now, and on the options you have available to you – to name a few benefits you can gain from the assignments.

If you work through the information posts, do the exercises, try the links and complete the assignments you can’t fail to learn something useful and insightful!

You will gain more than you expect – a change in mind-set, in beliefs and behaviours, in attitude and appreciation of your Self and your life.


How can you increase our influence?

Influence on others in your life – and they are the people who can help you or hold you back, encourage your or ignore you, and who will influence you and your choices every day.  So it makes sense that you influence them and their behaviours and attitudes towards you too.  You can change them, enhance them or remove them – your choice, your needs.

It could be through increasing your confidence  or perhaps using clear, concise communication to get your message across to one or many people; perhaps you will learn to recognise unhelpful situations that cross your path and how to handle them; or to find new ways of managing stress, interviews, team members or workloads – who knows the positive impact learning will have on your life?  (Well, you will, one day soon!)

  • Personal Power helps you to make informed choices and better, more helpful decisions when you have options.
  • Self-awareness provides an opportunity to find tools and techniques that will help you to achieve your goals
  • To find your own Motivation and Inspiration to go out and live your dreams
  • Or maybe realise your strengths that once were areas for development that you can build on step by step

You will discover more about yourself, more about others, and more opportunities than you ever believed you might have – if only you take the steps to research, enquire, learn and acquire them!


Go on!  Give it a go!  Affordable, accessible, manageable tools, tips and techniques to develop your own better personal future – starting today!

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