What to include in your vision board

Living your dream is easier than you think!

Envision it – sights, sounds, smells and particularly pictures that tell your mind your are living it (like looking through your eyes and what you see before you).

Last time we looked at a Publisher vision book and other options.  This time the more familiar vision board – this can include pictures from magazines, photographs or previous holidays or people, stick on letters to make words relevant to your dream, postcards or quotes, notes you’ve written, or hanging smaller items from pins for example.

Draw your own pictures, doodles, or line drawings, stick men even!

Write down quotes and put them up – this way you feel them, remember the words you right and create the pictures in your head too.

You can change the photos or items (but not every day) as you can reinforce the images, the feelings and the expectations in your mind and body and create the motivation to take advantage of opportunities that come your way, or take the necessary practical steps to get you where you want to go!

Hang things nearby – you can even make a whole wall of visionary items!   Line up larger items against the wall if you do this – larger pictures, equipment or items that will take you where you wan to be!

Look at it every day, add to it often – share your vision with friends and family, post online perhaps occasionally, and even add your plan and action to do list to it!  I know a client did this for her business as a planner and this worked magic for her!  She told me it motivated her, it made her remember why and how she would achieve her dreams and she is still consistently taking the necessary steps to make her business a success!

It really does work!  Don’t go into too much practical detail – focus on the goal, what you want, why and where you are heading.  Include the sights, sounds, feelings, and smells or touch for items if you can – a design might have fabric, a place will have pictures, a reason might have quotes or memes relating to it.

Live your dream.  Design it.  Create it.   Live it and Love it!