Ignoring a Problem

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Ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away…

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there…it just means it will sit and eat away at you; cause your worry and stress; defeat the object of progress and acheivement; or worse, destroy you or someone else!
If you don’t admit there is aproblem you can’t do anything about it!
You can’t change things, make them right, improve them or resolve issues!
Lots of people try to do it though and find it simply raises its head at some other time or in another way.   
  • head in the sandFace problems head on if you can – and I know that can be difficult and some issues are worse to manage than others, or harder to see or face.   But in the end it will have to happen and the sooner it’s done, the faster you can move onward and upward again!
What sort of problems?

*Baggage from the past

*Self-esteem or confidence

* Misunderstandings and hurtful comments

* Wrong-doings and many others too

Facing them how?
  • Admit them to yourself – aloud if you have to
  • Admit them to someone else to if you can – it makes it real, makes you accountable!
  • Decide to do something positive to resolve it
  • Ask for help if you need to
  • Discuss it, write it out, speak it out loud in private – but share it!
Find the support you need – advice, guidance, help and a shoulder to cry on,  a stone to throw, a cushion to pummel.  Something or someone will know how to help you.

It’s easy to hide your head in  he sand, refuse to see it or hear it, or admit it even to you.

But ultimately, it lies at your feet to sort it – today or tomorrow, or 10 years on!

Counselling can help; coaching gets you unstuck on on track again.

Talking to your mother, father, siblings or friends; professionals or a stranger.  But do it!