I said yes …at the solar eclipse!

Well, I said yes today!  What to?

Selling my house which leads to going travelling for a while.  It was a year, now maybe 6 months, and I don’t know after that how things will develop.  Brave, stupid, selfish are just a few of the words I’ve heard around this decision – this choice.

Admittedly a little pushed into the decision over the last two years, and developing more definitely in the last year, but it is something I have always wanted to do.  My dream has been to see the world – and lots of it, the variety, cultures, people, like minded people, learn and experience different insights and outlooks.

Opportunity magnifying glass

I have been ready for a long time to change my life – it isn’t working for me any longer.  I have struggled along for years less than happy, at times very unhappy.   But I had responsibilities – I still do to some extent, but less so now the girls are adults and growing into their own lives and dreams.

I know it impacts my family – their lifestyles, their outlooks, their options and ideas and their worries too.  But for me, it is a huge change too.  Yet I know this is the right decision.   “The decision you make is always the right one at the time (i.e. with the information, knowledge and resources you have at that point)” and sometimes, the decision is not really yours to make but thrust upon you and you have to live with it.  I know that too.

I have to do this or it will be one regret on my death-bed that I have heard many people have.  I don’t want regrets I can do nothing about, and may regret this, like other choices I’ve made, but on the whole, I know this is who I am because of them – or in spite of them?   Hmm, interesting thought …

Knowledge magnifyng glass

We hear life tests us (I am fed up with being tested now though!) and those times when nothing happens and it becomes boring or worrying, or the other end of the spectrum where it all happens at once!

Today was a time when everything happened at once – the solar eclipse, the spring Equinox and a supermoon (the moon is 400 times nearer the earth so looks much bigger).  Some believe this is the start of the end of the world (and how many times do we hear that?)  If that’s the case however, at least I will have seen some if not all of it before it ends!  Or before my health and fitness fail for some reason which is another reason it has to be now for me …my bad knee started those concerns.

 Solar eclipse by zirconicussoThe solar eclipse forebodes changes for many, big or small … 20th March 2015 and 22nd July 1999.  What changed or will change for you?

Picture by zirconicusso

I saw both eclipses in my lifetime quite clearly.   I was lucky.  My sister took my children to Cornwall in 1999 and it was cloudy for them whilst I was up at Hartshead Pike with many other strangers who all shared the experience and the glasses, pinprick papers or camera shots with each other.  That itself was a spiritual experience for us all, coming together for a magical phenomenon.   The next will not be until 2026 partially or fully, 2090.   Even my children won’t be around for that one!  One did see it, again sharing with new neighbours and different tools they used; as yet, I don’t know if the other daughter did from Amsterdam!   I do hope so as she was only young with the other one in cloudy Cornwall.

Apparently it heralds great changes!  For me certainly and for my daughters both – one moving into a new place yesterday and the other with me moving on from here.  The cat too, and she shared the experience with me in the garden this morning, coming out and looking up to see what the fuss was about and no doubt the feelings; like the birds chirping madly in the trees around us, she must have noticed something.

As did the horses below the Pike in 1999 as it went dark and the eclipse reached its climax, they all looked up from eating the grass together, and the cows stilled too!  It was awe-inspiring for me, as was today with my pinprick viewer (I did try to photograph the changes but it didn’t work).

change ahead mineSo change is uncomfortable – animals show us that too – but it is usually good.  Change is inevitable and it is one door closing as another opens but we have to be looking for that open door to benefit from it!

Being ready for opportunities is key too, so planning ahead is important if not too much detail that leads to inflexibility.   I do tend to plan a long, long time ahead!   My favourite quote is “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” as it has been proven over and over to me, and now, as a life coach, preparation for choices and opportunities is essential – core to the coaching model of goal (dream), steps (process), experience (stop and smell the roses on the journey) and achieving fulfilment which is the ultimate objective as  a human being.   We set tests, milestones, measures and objectives naturally as well as those SMART targets in work supervisions!

Birthdays are milestones, anniversaries, changes like leaving cards and new homes;  holidays and special days like spring and winter equinox, or events like Christmas and Easter, mid summers day at Stonehenge etc. etc.

We like to measure how far we’ve come – how much we’ve grown!  That starts with the ruler and marks on the wall as children grow; changes in school work or promotions at work maybe.

We do these things naturally so they must be right for us!  Right?