I needed my own Clear Mind this week!

Yes, even me!  Although I am ‘Clear Mind’ my head just hasn’t been really clear and comfortable this week with decisions to be made, problems to manage and helping family house moves and holidays too!

Coffee time Apolonia

I had a ‘wobble’ at M62 Networking on Thursday, but  a great help by  business coach Nik Lakhani of AIMS Management who I was lunching with.   He listened and encouraged me, understood and empathised with me.   It helped a great deal!

I had wondered whether to attend but had arrange to meet him for a 1-1 anyway, so went along, but I was distracted (and a little vulnerable too it seems).

Clock head digitalartMy head if “full” – have you ever had that feeling?  Not exactly full of thoughts although they do keep coming, and fleeting by, staying to hassle a bit and create some anxiety often, but just ‘full’ of some matter or other!

Not as light as cotton wool, but not as heavy as a stone in the heart either.  Just “full”!

This is the idea behind have a clear mind and the business name.   It came from the idea of what I was aiming to help clients achieve.   And like you and them, I have wobbly days, good or bad, stresses and worries too.    I am certainly not immune, and my experience helps me empathise with my clientele too.

My clear mind required me to ‘commit’ myself to a path, face up to a difficult conversation, acknowledge and maintain my beliefs and expectations, and fulfill my needs that led me there.    I knew it would clear when all this was done, but it just ‘sat’ heavy on me all the time.

 “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions.  I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” Oscar Wilde

A few tears helped later, and speaking about the ‘problems’ or issues, helped too.   That’s how counselling helps!   Saying it aloud makes it real!   And that is what I needed to do.    Open up, make it real and face the choices I’ve made over a period of months.    Only when you P111018_123631actually get there it’s hard to jump!   And I can empathise with clients on this.  I have been there before but different reasons and situations, but I can empathise and be patient, listen and understand whilst helping them come to terms with their ‘issues’ too!


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