Helping you to build your ‘vision’ board …

Whatever it is you want in the coming year, here are tips and demos of how you can build your vision – on a board you see every day, a book you add to regularly or a box of treasures that inspire your dream and motivation!  These can also vary, being digital on Publisher or Canva or Word, or hard copy photo album or stick ins or slot in to your journal pages; sifting through your box of treasures and reminders, memories and future hopes can also be another way to envision the future life you want!

Each day for a week I will post tips and insights on social media sites Facebook business page, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In with ideas or options for the building of a board, book or box to help you along the way to building your dream life!

Retirement, travel, career success or relationships are the topics for January you can use to create the best environment for you to live a life you love!

The New Year for  New Start – but any day of the year is the first day of your new year and a new you and better, new, happier and purposeful life too!

Vision Boarding 1

As many people know coaching yourself to success – wit or without the support of a professional coach, involves ‘visioning’ the  future you want – in your mind, which naturally happens but you might have to ‘look for it’ in your head to recognise it and analyse the details which is one of my coaching ‘exercises’, but also practically, so that your brain/mind can ‘see’ it and so begins to believe it’s real here and now, in the present – and helps you change your behaviours (actions, attitudes, beliefs, expectations) accordingly!

I made one that I am convinced helped my dream to travel the world come true!  Using Microsoft  Publisher to store a few memes and quotes, comments and pictures of places to see definitely helped my dream come true!   Inspiring, motivating, and giving me some focus on where to see or how to think about actual plans – then just continued adding pages and pictures – even writing a few notes myself, or comments (bad and good) from people that added to my motivation too!

Here, I will add a few motivational, thought-provoking and reflective memes that you can use, to add to your own vision book, box or board as well as the vision in your mind!