How to build your vision board in 7 easy steps

Vision boarding 5

Places to look for things to add in …

Your book or board can be hard copy and real, or a digital image collection.  You can take pictures of them from books and magazines, or save them from online forums like social media, screen prints or free downloads*

*(please take care if sharing any of these publicly because some photos and pictures, including mine, are subject to permissions and licences!)

  • Digital – social media especially Instagram and Facebook for memes, pictures, quotes
  • Magazines and books (photos if you can’t cut them out!) – GP waiting room, sister or dad’s mags, online magazines, newspaper cuttings or article headings
  • Your own ‘treasure boxes’ – things you love, memories of events or places, people and periods in your life
  • Cheap shops or nick-knack second hand places if there is something specific you ‘need’ to add
  • Christmas or birthday card images, stick-ons, verses etc
  • 10 tips for …
  • Coaches for quotes
  • Business books for tools and techniques
  • Blogs to follow
  • Inspirational leaders for quotes and reflection
  • Beads and baubles
  • Trees – leaves and twigs, flowers
  • Books to keep in your box or by your bed

Just keep your eyes and ears open, your heart and creative mind ready to work on your dream – to help you to make it happen, to bring the Law of Attraction to your life and to empower you to be and become whatever it is you want in your life!