Clear Progress… get MORE from Group Coaching Workshops!

Clearly progressing …your business with coaching in a group setting that is more accessible, more affordable, more effective and more supportive.

Motivation to act and achieve

Options and opportunities meeting new people with new perspectives

Realising your ideas, your plans and your beliefs will inspire more action with rewards and learning

Exploring new ways of being and doing, diverse insights and reflections from other people, other businesses …

This is a little insight into how my new group coaching workshops will run and benefit you and your business.

You can attend as a small business, sole trader or as an employee looking for your own personal/professional development which in turn can benefit the organisation you work with.

Small groups of up to 10 will allow everyone to have their say, ask questions, find answers and even perhaps share solutions with each other.

The shared process of coaching will be utilised individually to meet your personal, unique needs to progress your plans and dreams, your hopes and your successful outcomes!

There will be exercises to complete and take part in, individually and groups of 2-3 to get the most out of discussion, hearing other views and ideas, and finding new perspectives and techniques you can take away and use again and again.

There is a chance to network and to share your services/products too with the group, or individuals.  You never know who you might meet and what future opportunities might transpire!

You can come along for one meeting – or every week, fortnight or monthly and make your plans take shape, find motivation to keep moving forward and to take action!

Accountability – sharing your goals with others, even just writing them down in the session, will make you more accountable for doing the things you know you need to do – the action steps, the outcomes you want and the reflection and feedback that inspires the cause and effect of action!