Goals and Dreams – A personal account

I want to share with you where AIM High! motivational talk plans came from, which I am going to start from May 2018.

“The idea developed in the latter part of my year out travelling, so I was in S America at the time I guess.   Like most ideas, it came to me early morning, waking up slowly… (or on occasion, waking quickly due to noisiness outside!)

I digress!  

The idea came from a couple of things, and maybe the seed was planted even before I left the UK in 2015!   The phrase Aim High was the motto of my daughters’ senior school, and it always stuck with me.   It was a good motto and maybe could have been made more of during their time there – although I wasn’t at all school day situations so guess they could have done more, I just didn’t know it!

It came about as I was experiencing the plans I had put into place before leaving England on my personal development trip which was also living my long-term dream to travel – and when the opportunity arose, I was ready for it – for a year out,  solo backpacking to explore the world, see the scenery, experience new cultures and meet lots and lots of great new people!   Well, I did.  I did all of that and even more I hadn’t planned not anticipated.   But I have now lived my dream – at least THAT dream!   One down, how many more to go?!

It was a long standing dream – to travel, one I shared with many people over the years and my eldest daughter remembered it and commented when I shared the surprise with my family.   She said: “Well, you’ve always wanted to travel haven’t you?”   And I had forgotten that I had.   Until then and prior to that when the opportunity popped up, popped into my head as I put my home of many years up for sale with the intention of stirring up a change in my life that was well overdue!   Well, it certainly did change!

At least for that year ….

Now I’m back.  Some things are different, some the same.  But what I know now is that I can change anything I want, if I make the effort.  If I can live one dream like that, I can live the rest too!

So the idea of inspiring people with my trip and travelling arose from the many people I met – young people and older people like me were inspired, they said, that I was doing it, going for my dreams and travelling alone around the world!   Sounds impressive.   But it didn’t feel anything more than ‘normal’ for me as I’d lived with that dream for so long, it was part of me.   It had become a large part of me.   I knew one day it would happen, somewhere deep inside, but never when or how.  I didn’t have to hope after a while because I knew.   But the last few years before I went and ‘did it’ I knew it was imminent.  How, you ask?  I just knew with every fibre of my being it was coming.   And I had to be ready.

The dream had indeed become a part of me, because it was always there in my head and my heart, my hopes and dreams were very real for me, and the vision book I had created over the previous year to eighteen months definitely helped too!   It focussed my mind on my goal; it focussed my energies on researching where and how I wanted to travel – picking up on travel shows on TV or magazine articles and adventure stories.   The vision book or board, box or journal – whatever, it matters not! – really helped me and was great fun!   Choosing pictures from the internet to add to my Publisher book, page after page until P54!  Memes about travel, about dreaming and achieving, quotes about never giving up and keeping on, making efforts and believing.   Well, it worked for me!

I wish I had that book still to look back on but it is somewhere ‘safe’ on my hard drive which, to date, is still the only thing missing from my stored household goods as I have now found my beloved black felt hat only yesterday!  Every box now emptied, every person asked but so far, no hard drive appearing!  Hey hum.  Maybe I shouldn’t go back to all that’s one there?  Maybe I should now just continue to look forward, ahead to my next goal, my next dream!  

I must say, living your dream is great!  It’s amazing, powerful, fun, interesting, awe inspiring and a learning opportunity bar none!

I have already started my list of other places to visit, but if you want to, come along to this first AIM High! Event on 17th September.   I will do them regularly to motivate and inspire people to create their dreams, live the life you want to live and continue developing my own dreams along the way too! 

Take care, Be happy, Be your best you!

12th Sept 2016″

I found my hard drive and the book – yet to publish that though on here.  I still share the experience of the vision book with clients  and potential clients, with others on blogs and posts – and haven’t actually got anything set up for my next dream, I realise!  However, the vision is there and a sound base in place – now to make it happen with sales!