Goal Setting or Goal Free Living?

Goal free living – or goal setting life coaching?

Posted on August 13, 2011

Which directionAs a life coach part of the process I support  clients with is setting goals so this was something that interested me – what  does it mean … and is it right for most people?

Actually Steve Pavlina’s article on this subject, which I came across whilst looking at blogging tips, states the actual concept is not so much ‘living without goals’  but just not getting so  bogged down with  them you cannot see past them or approach those goals flexibly  – Goal Free Living article

As a coach, this is something I stress to clients – there is no point getting help on focusing on goals and developing an action plan to achieve them, and getting stressed and pressured because you  have set them.

The idea is that setting goals focuses you –  mind, body and soul – on what you really want in your life, and then looking at  the changes necessary to get you to those goals and achieve the lifestyle you  want.

Flexibility is essential to this; it is the  flexibility that coaches are best working with I think – what changes as you  develop resources (knowledge, skills, awareness and understanding amongst  others), and how that will impact on your  next steps as you work through the stages of your process …

Adapting to what happens along the path to your  goal(s) is necessary – from the start right to the end, and even when those  goals change, perhaps because you know better exactly what you do and don’t  want when you have started on that path, or because things change that you  hadn’t realised or expected and that change everything e.g. illness, loss, gain  for example.

So we actually all live goal oriented to some  extent, but we don’t always realise it.

Planning a holiday, a  house move or a wedding – children arriving and leaving, partners coming or  going one way or another, or – as now – economic and social expectations change  and we have to adapt to those changes whether we like it or not.

This is what life is about and what the ‘life’  in life coaching is all about.

Whatever change – large or small – it will  impact on the rest of your life and therefore affect it in some way, which  needs acknowledging and managing.

So what are your goals now you know that you are  goal-oriented?