Gettng enough R and R?

Why is sleep, or rest so important to our mental health and well-being?  Because we have to manage so much every minute -every second! –  our mind needs to be on full capacity, and f it hasnt processed ypthe days events then it holds on til it has, so it gets cramped and crowded with new information!!!

We know this but likely rarely think of it in deeper, real terms like that!  We never lose the information, just put some deeper than other styff we might need that is relevant here and now.


I noticed the impact this week of my tiredness, probably related to jet lag after a long, sleepless flight and disconcerting time line change from 12 hours ahead of UK to 4 hours behind, swiftly followed by another sudden change taking me 6 hours behind!!!  I could hardly function, felt negative and grumpy to some extent until I caught up over two days, or nights sleep.   ????

Then the world seemed a nicer, pleasanter place to be in! ????

Make sure your body’s clock remains balanced by sleeping, and eating, regularly and well.  We need to feel on top form, making the most of our day and engaging positively with our environment and people we mert!  Take the time each day for breaks, especially breakfadt then lunch, and a decent hour for bed with hopefully undisturbed sleep!!