Getting out of my own way …you can too!

Clear Mind Personal Development Coaching

There is something more you want from you life right now, yes?  What is it?  Do you know?

If not, you need to or you’re missing out huge opportunities awaiting you in life!

You no doubt want to feel happier and more at peace with your Self.  Maybe your want more love or more freedom from the shackles of work and responsibility?  (and that’s what holidays are for)

Hopefully after the break you are feeling well rested and raring to go!

Go where, and how you might be asking?

Life is a drag or a problem – but it needn’t be!

When you are clear on your need and desires, you have purpose.

You will know what you’re doing in life and where you’re going – and why!

That the purpose and direction the motivation and inspiration you need to create a life you love!

One of the most important needs of human beings is to be part of a bigger tribe, to belong and feel safe, valued, secure and needed!  You have something to offer and you need to find out where those people are to help you feel fulfilled and satisfied, using your skills and knowledge, your natural talents and tendencies – being yourself wholly and happily!

Many people feel they are not good enough (you are!) and need ‘fixing’ (you don’t!) and this holds you back from even trying!  Yet, you have the potential within and the opportunities outside yourself too!

The one thing you need to keep doing is taking action!  Step by manageable step, keep moving forward in your life!

There may well be reasons for this lack of confidence and self-esteem from the past – I’ve had mine!  And I have learned to overcome them, work through them and even use them to build my future!  You can too!

A lack of money growing up, a lack of support and help

Neglected and misunderstood, perhaps, but now as an adult and from your teens, you have the option to ask and find out more!

Life is full of problems.  Some people have it worse than you, others much more than you!  But you have what you have and you know what you want.  That’s so much in the way of purpose and direction – and now you have to put one foot in front of the other to get it!

I’ve told myself the sob stories that held me back.  Yes, some people are selfish and hurt others, or take advantage but now you know, you can avoid those types and ‘find your tribe’ that will take you onwards and upwards!  Use what you have, who you are and who you can be to live a fulfilled and happy life!

Loss is part of life.  And we rebuild, adapt, and keep going forward with different options and outlooks.  Learning and experience can be used well or not.

It’s hard to change if you believe this is your ‘luck’ level or all you’re worth in the world.  Just change your environment, the people around you, your outlook and improve your insights for influence and impact going forward!

Change your mind, change your life!  Live your life on purpose, with purpose!

Change your story!  Re-write it more positively with what you now know and how to use it better in future.  If you are in the early days of a trauma, trust that you can get past it and move forward in time – keep an eye on that future moment and work steadily, care-fully towards it for your own sake!

We each have the potential to create the life we want a live we love to live but we doubt ourselves because someone told us we weren’t good enough!  We didn’t tell ourselves, we just listened to other who know themselves (or maybe not!), they don’t know you – especially if you don’t know yourself! We teach people how to treat us, how to see us.  “They way you behave is the way you’ll be judged” is true.  If you act shy, people will leave you alone so as not to stress you out and pressure you!  When in fact, you want people to come and chat but limit the time until your comfortable and the stress passes!   But they don’t know that. You have to recognise it, let them know and make the effort too!

“No-one owes you anything” is something a family member reminds me often!

You have the answers and options inside, you have to look around you for the opportunities you can take or create for yourself!  Asking questions and asking for help are because you’re stupid or weak, they are powerful tools on the tip of your tongue!  Learning is never ever wasted unless you choose to ignore it or ‘forget’ it’ (remember that you can’t unlearn anything!)

You are the one standing between you and the things you want, resistant to trusting you are worth it and deserve it.  There is abundance in the world!  Go out and get your share!  I’m off now for 2019’s opportunities!  See you in the future …