Find your Focus!

Don’t waste time on doing everything on your To Do list, just choose one major one a day and others will fit in around it. 

Forget the rest

Choose three major things a week to complete as many tasks will relate to a few projects you have on the go.   (This might be home and/or worklife too)

Measure the time when it matters – this week? Then do it!  Next year? No? Then leave it until the time appears right for you to work on it!  Moving house, retirement plans, changing jobs when this one becomes stale …one day it will matter, and that’s the time to act.  Now, there are other more pressing needs to attend to!

One thing at a time

We aren’t good at letting go of ‘the list’ be that on paper, in your head or your supervision plan! Mindfully plan your day, and your week and little further other than ‘big picture’ stuff!

Clear your desk of other files and notes that distract you from today’s action plan, and this weeks should be below todays in your pile!

Focus, focus, focus – ONE single task at a time!

Clarify your responsibilities

Be CLEAR on what YOU have to do and let others sort their tasks out!   Even as the boss you have your jobs, they have theirs and you can let them get on with it – and yes, check in with them, lave them to come to you with problems or clarification needs, but get on with your jobs.

Define the steps to take you from beginning, to middle, to the end of the project – if that’s writing an email, sending out your completed designs, making that tune or finishing off the account file!

Unsubscribe and Ungroup

Unsubscribe from emails and reading lists that you can’t realistically manage every week, and choose a few that you can and will benefit from.   The others you can schedule in for Sunday reading, even if its work related you might be enjoying the news so then it the time and relaxing even!

Space to think

Give yourself the space to focus – quality time so that you can spend on the project or job in hand.   Don’t get overwhelmed, manage your time, space and commitments!  And manage upwards with your manager’s demands and from colleagues too