Exciting Developments for Clear Mind!

Personal & Professional Development is what CLEAR MIND is all about!

And I am no exception to my dream for everyone to be empowered and live a life they love to live!


To this end, I am using my own mix of skills and experience, taking my expertise in mind management and personal change management ONLINE as well as developing new off-line options like more workshops and maintaining the 1-1 opportunities too, of course.


More Resources Online

I am so excited to be moving online as I love the connection that the Internet offers – the wide variety of topics and information available, and the convenience and choice we have available to us these days.  I loved it when it came out, or at least when it became available to me in the UK back in the early 80’s at the Wellcome Foundation.  I remember being asked to assess the value of Word Processing as a new tool for the business, as Secretary to the MD travelling to the Crewe head office to see this new wonder!  And wonder it was for me – saving hours of re-typing pages and letters where, as I relaxed at the end of the page, I made a typing error more often than I cared to repeat!  I remember faxes for the first time and the intranet within the Wellcome including the HO in the USA and the UK bases, and the various other international sites.  It was all very new to me!

But with that support and administration background at senior level and managing teams, I’ve learned a lot and how to make a difference to individual lives then and now!

  • Writing is fun for me;
  • Building learning resources is not new for me as a team manager;
  • Creating resources to help people realise their dreams is familiar to me;
  • Organisation and planning is part of the coaching process with clients using the Clear Mind Workbook;
  • Learning to manage events and train the trainer to run workshops was part of the business plan;
  • NLP and Psychology to understand and change the mind;
  • personal and professional relationships from a lifetime of experience, training and learning;
  • let’s not forget the many and varied mistakes I have learned from
I want to promote EMPOWERMENT - personal power comes from self-awareness and understanding others too.

Improving relationships, both home and work; empowering change and mind-management; increasing options and opportunities and enhancing confidence to meet your needs!




With this comes a rebrand coming soon. From closed wings on my butterfly logo to open wings to take us further! With influence and impact for a wider audience with the ripple effect and the butterfly effect!

1. noun: ripple effect; plural noun: ripple effect “the continuing and spreading results of an event or action ” the ripple effect is enormous

2. the butterfly effect, also known as “sensitive dependence on initial conditions” Small changes can have a huge impact so forecasting the future can be nearly impossible.

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