Every day to live my dream I did this!

Thought about it, watched Nat Geo programmes and other nature films;  I listened to people’s holiday stories and saved pictures I liked of places I wondered about …


Then when it came a time that it could happen potentially – I increased the pace to collecting pictures of places that I loved – blue seas, white beaches, mountains and rivers, people and places, sightseeing ideas.   I also collected memes about travelling, dreaming and achieving, motivation and inspirational quotes and added these all into a publisher book on my laptop!

It sat on my taskbar ready for me to add things to it as I found them!  It worked as my vision board only digital!

How did it come to a time of believing it was possible?  When my girls were adults, living their lives and needing me less.  A single mum, as I’d been for a while, I wasn’t beholden to anyone but me.   I was restless and wanted other things, more than what I had worked for like building my business whilst I was mothering and working to date in 2015;  I could feel the yearning in my chest, I could feel the thirst for adventure and exploring in my throat, and I felt more restless about making life-changing choices as time went on!

Then it happened.   There came a day when I was fed up, needed change and upgrading my life, and I had decided to put my house up for sale and move for work and better weather!  My girls would be OK, a bit of upheaval (that actually benefitted them too in the end!) but it had to be done – I just knew it was the right move!


As I wondered where to live – it hit me!  BANG!  In front of my eyes!   The options.   To jump and take the risk – travel the world and see the things I’d seen only on film or pictures, believed colours had been photo-shopped and wondered what other cultures were really like instead of the stereotypes!  I wanted to be WOW’d! every day, be awe-inspired by landscapes and live alone and do my own thing – something I hadn’t, until then, ever done!   Just been me for my sake, been me on my own, finding me, re-discovering me!

The other option was to step back or fall into safety, security, sensibility – oh no, that wasn’t me at all!   I realised a few years ago I am actually a risk-taker!  When someone said it to me I was surprised, shocked even, having always followed the rules, listened to advice, been uncertain and unsure of myself as a young person and young woman!  But no, there had always been a smudging of rebellion, of feisty independence and resilience, and here it rose to the fore and I had no choice but to jump – out into living my dream once and for all, out into the world as a solo backpacker at 50+!

It wasn’t any of those things that encouraged me though, being older, doing it alone, but backpacking was being real, unburdened and back to basics and that was just what I wanted and needed if I was to discover more of me and the world!

All I can say now is – I’m glad I did it!  I was WOW’d and awe inspired, brought to tears by majesty and power in many places I visited, humbled by the people’s lives I got to witness from the poor and lonely, malformed and charitable people too.   It has changed me and for the better.  I feel better – calmer, more self assured, more confident and less reactive (I think anyway!).   I look better as everyone I see again tells me – I glow, look great, look different and sometimes, I can see in their eyes as they check out my face they can see positive change and are bemused by what and how…?


I am not a different person but I have re-discovered some aspects I lost such as the fun-loving person I was, my child-like wonder at the world I see and the excitement at meeting new, interesting and impressive people from all walks of life and cultures I haven’t been immersed into before!

Travel changes you.  Everyone who has travelled says so.  They have felt it, they’ve experienced it.   And they are impressed by me living my dream – at my age, doing what I did, doing it alone – or doing it at all …

So if I can inspire a few people to live their dreams, others to try new things and push their boundaries and yet others to really discover and get out to live their dream life too, then that is just fabulous!  For me – and for them!

I have already inspired my girls to travel and see new places and people!   I have inspired young people to go back and tell their mothers to do their own thing and live their lives – even travelling!  I have motivated people to try and do things they might not have done and at least think about believing they can do things they didn’t before ….

Well, let me say this:  They can, You can!  Go for it!  Try it!

"If you aim for the moon, and not quite make it yet 
at least you will fall amongst the stars!"


The moon rising over the lake in Hanoi…

My dream?  I lived it, I loved it and I got more from it than I could have imagined!  From practical experiences to emotional freedom, to finding peace and feeling fulfilled – mind, body and soul when I returned to the UK!

My next dream?  Well, I’m working on that now with my business, my social life, my health and well-being and having fun every day that I can!  And so far, so good …

Coaching for dreams & new services with Meet for Motivation

Working in Manchester – socialising in Manchester

New flat, new place, new experience – cream carpets and walls as dreamed of before I left, a standing joke with my children, and living on my own for the first time ever!

New friends and activities with Motivation Meet Ups

New contacts and ways of working, with new networks and contacts

Different relationships with my daughters and family members

I’ve lost weight and keeping it off – eating less and better, and feeling great!

Image change with make-up, style and an independent confidence about me now!

And having fun, not holding back, just being me – funny, likeable, interesting and at times even giddy!  I am happier than ever to laugh at myself, make more mistakes and learn from them, try new things and accept that I will always get lost with no sense of direction!   I am free and simple, a new direction and new ideas, I’m finding my way day by day, week by week – and of course, planning future trips but not quite as long as a year next time maybe!

Been there, done that!

Now – what’s next?!!!!