Employee Wellbeing Opportunity for you


Win-Win is always good to aim for and certainly achieve!

A few of us have got together to create this offer for you – coming into your work place to initially offer a free taster of our services and the benefits, with an option to go further in supporting their staff with regular paid for events or services at the workplace building.   Our first one will be at RBS/Nat West Hardman Boulevard in June, then looking at co-work spaces, marketing agencies, recruitment, finance businesses and tech companies.

The Benefits

 *Easy access for staff when its on site at lunchtime or after work maybe (or before!)

*Able to plan ahead for the ‘next one’ if it helps or you want to try it and couldn’t make the demo event

*Some might even offer half days, away days etc or special perks with special prices agreed with our businesses

* Greater exposure for our business services that we offer to help others feel better, be healthier, enjoy life more and improve relationships too

* It helps companies provide their input to employee health & wellbeing that keeps their workforce working and performing effectively to make their business work!

It can’t help but work for work performance and personal development:

  • Maintain focus on the job in hand, the deadlines, the organisation and action steps that stress diminishes
  • Healthier to get up and go in the morning …afternoon …evening and back next day with enough sleep, rest & relaxation
  • Happier employees when their needs are met, work-life balance, feeling valued and appreciated, hard work acknowledged

Managers and Leaders from less stressful management issues with problems – Team members easily more productive – Colleagues together – Business customers will benefit from happier, more effective workforce serving them –  Your stakeholders form profitable business activity

The Providers

Clear MindSimply EscapeTake a BreatherMander WellbeingSocial Circle 


For more information on the service call me on 07765813827 or e-mail julie@clearmindco.co.uk or call the other companies involved

Further Reading:

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